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about the girl on girl bit." I smiled at that and said "You better give your friend Sandra a call, I will go and pick her up, if you like, give me two minutes to get dressed. I will try and find a baseball bat, and a double ended dildo on the way." "The only place you are going is into the bathroom to have a cold shower." "Dont worry, I think you said you had no great interest, I am much the same, although my description of swapping cum mouth to mouth does sound rather erotic. Unless you have any other plans, you could invite her up to the new house, the way things are moving we may be able to move in three or four weeks." She smiled and gave me a little hug. "That was a better answer than your first attempt, but just where are you suggesting we get the mouthful of cum from?" Bookings were trickling in for the weekend; Friday had three one hour sessions including one of the doggers. Saturday had two, one was with William, who had an hour, he could not afford any longer. No further bookings came up before we drove off to the hotel on Friday although both sides of the house trading were progressing very well. We had our two usual rooms organised and after getting the keys, Chantal went to get ready. She put on a pink top, which left midriff, arms and cleavage bare, together with a ridiculously short black chequered mini, with a wide belt. "Only three guys lined up tonight, so I have dressed to make sure I can pull in the bar later." She had made her three bookings, each for an hour, start at six, leaving the later evening to try her luck in the bar. I spent the three hours in the small lounge on my own, catching one glimpse of her, when she met a new guy in the lobby. She, as usual, phoned me when they arrived and again when they left. Chantal came in to collect me, when she cleared the last guy and said "Three very nice guys, five pleasant orgasms, just one problem. I got a good load of spunk in my pussy, not the guys fault the condom broke, and we were being very enthusiastic at the time. I will have to go to that damned clinic again, although he looked clean. "Oh dear, another example of reality being different to fantasy, its going to go wrong one day you know. So what do you want to do about the rest of the evening?" "As I said his equipment looked healthy, and he said he was not married and only occasionally used a prostitute, always with a condom. I think its ok to continue; lets go for a drink, and see what the pickings are like." The bar was fairly crowded, mostly guys, who had a good look as she swayed her body to her usual spot at the far end of the bar. She

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Free Amateur Milfs #1

Free Amateur Milfs #2

Free Amateur Milfs #3

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had two guys offering to buy her a drink before she even sat down, I dont think they noticed I was with her. I just sat down nearby and listened while she negotiated, it was a choice between individually at 110 each for an hour or she would take them both, for 90 minutes for 180. They choose the later option, and I was on my own again. I stayed in the bar and had a couple of pints, while she entertained them, when she returned it was getting near closing time so she decided to call it a night, and we went off to bed. Despite having had her way with five guys, and incidentally earning 510, she was eager to have me please her as well. Saturday, she spent most of the day dragging me around the shops, although we did get another look at what was almost certainly to be our future home. She only had two booking for the evening, both quickies starting at seven oclock. Her second customer was William who had told her that he really liked her company but just could not afford to see her very often. The other booking was also one of her doggers, again only half an hour. Theses guys were so used to getting their kicks for nothing, it was not good for a working girl, the authorities ought to clamp down on it. She greeted her guy dressed in a new pale green mini dress, with full length buttons down the front, and a new pair of long black boots. She looked very sexy but not sluttish; Hazel had asked her to tone down her appearance in the bar a little, no problem with her working just not too blatant. She gave her usual call when she finished with the first guy, saying for me not to worry she was going to give William a little extra time. Chantal joined me in the bar, after giving William almost a full hour. I was slightly disappointed that he did not join us for a drink, she had invited him but he said he did not have the time. "He was asking me about another session in the car park, although he can not guarantee the weather. I told him I was not sure, but thinking about it having my new boobs soaked in cum might be nice." Her sexual appetite got very little attention the rest of the evening, although her mind got more stimulation, looking forward to a booking she made. A smart looking guy, late twenties, got talking to her in the bar, and they went off for a quickie. Turned out he only asked for a hand job, but she did end up giving him full oral as well. She brought him back to the bar, and the three of us arranged for a session much more to her liking. The guy was somewhat out of his depth; he had been tasked to find a prostitute to entertain at his