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mates bachelor party, and had been recommended to try the hotel bar. He said he was very surprised to find such a beautiful, intelligent and friendly person available and told us what they had in mind. After a lot of discussion, we agreed, that he would confirm with his mates that she would meet them, an outcall, on Wednesday at eight oclock. She was to provide a strip and then entertain seven, possibly eight guys until ten oclock – we insisted that it was early so they would, hopefully, not be too drunk. She insisted that I remain in the room with her all the time, because of the numbers involved, and would charge 600. She did suggest that they had another 400 available as she would probably be able to convince them that they wanted two more hours. She gave him the web site address, so his mates could see what was on offer. "See, I can easily match your fantasy girl, I do hope he confirms. I feel like celebrating, can we go upstairs." She took me up, and told me to wait in my room while she went to hers and got something. "I would have liked to show you what I had in mind to wear for my fun night on Wednesday, but I need your help with it please." As we were both cooperating with fitting her into her, very tight, corset, she said, "I dont think I can give them a striptease as a starter, I will just have this, and my highest white shoes, on under a coat when I arrive." "I can just throw off the coat and go around and introduce myself to each of them individually, like this." She then swayed up to me and placing my hands on her boobs knelt down and took my cock into her mouth. After several deep strokes into her mouth and a few licks she said "Hmm, that one tastes nice, next please. I can go around the room like that to get the eight guys attention – I do hope he confirms - I did not get his number to chase him up." "I will then select the most forward of them, some may be shy and need to get in the mood, and get him to fuck me quick and fast on the settee. Im sure I will be wet; thinking about having eight cocks lined up is soaking me, so I am sure the real thing will." At this point she pushed me back on the bed, manhandled me into her very moist pussy, and fucked me. Her tits where bouncing very enticingly, so I grabbed one in each hand and lay back and enjoyed the ride. It was a very quick orgasm for both of us, I said "I expect that will work, but remember there will be seven more guys, who will be feeling very randy at this point." She jumped off the bed, looking fantastic in her corset and heels, and said "I

Free Anal Milfs - Sample Screenshots:

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Free Anal Milfs #1

Free Anal Milfs #2

Free Anal Milfs #3

Free Anal Milfs #4

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know, it will be fun and you get to watch, you better ask them, if they mind you getting some photos. I must drive back up here on Monday to get checked out at the clinic, I would not like to start an epidemic, although they will all have to wear condoms - shame" We drove home and had a restful day; Chantal was a little excited about her appointment for Wednesday, but was not looking forward to being poked around again at the clinic. Monday morning, she telephoned and managed an appointment at the clinic that same morning. She was happy enough to drive up on her own; I continued to sort out my junk. She set off, dressed just in jeans and a tight grey jumper and heels, wearing heels when driving was something the old Chantal never did. Around lunchtime, she called, and told me that she had an outcall and would be busy for an hour or so. She gave me the address, and said she would call when they got there, which she did. She sounded quite happy, presumably the clinic was not so bad now she knew what to expect. She called when they had finished, and she told me she was on her way back and that she had enjoyed her session. When she got home, I was immediately instructed to get undressed and use her ass. She stripped off and presented her naked ass and said, "Come on in darling, dont worry about lube, there is plenty in there already." I pushed in, which was indeed easy and started banging away, much more fun than my earlier packing. Chantal used her finger on her clit and we both ended up with a good climax, and were both very sweaty. She said "Thats nice, three good loads of spunk slopping around in my ass – so much better without a condom. Actually would have felt better in my pussy but he wanted my ass both times." I wondered what she had been up to, "So what did you do seduce the Doctor at the clinic?" "No, the guy who had the burst condom was being checked out at the same time, we were both clean, so it was far too good an opportunity to miss. I would have probably given it for a discount, but he paid full price, both parties very happy. I wonder if they would let me advertise at the clinic. It really is so much nicer to have the cum in me, which ever hole is involved, it is a much nicer feeling." We were young, still enjoying the newness of marriage and the exploration of sex. Both of us had been virgins when we married, had often played together prior to our wedding to the extent of oral sex, but never understood how exciting our sex life had become, practicing every morning noon and night as often as time allowed. Charie was one of those women who in public was always the model of decorum