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know, it will be fun and you get to watch, you better ask them, if they mind you getting some photos. I must drive back up here on Monday to get checked out at the clinic, I would not like to start an epidemic, although they will all have to wear condoms - shame" We drove home and had a restful day; Chantal was a little excited about her appointment for Wednesday, but was not looking forward to being poked around again at the clinic. Monday morning, she telephoned and managed an appointment at the clinic that same morning. She was happy enough to drive up on her own; I continued to sort out my junk. She set off, dressed just in jeans and a tight grey jumper and heels, wearing heels when driving was something the old Chantal never did. Around lunchtime, she called, and told me that she had an outcall and would be busy for an hour or so. She gave me the address, and said she would call when they got there, which she did. She sounded quite happy, presumably the clinic was not so bad now she knew what to expect. She called when they had finished, and she told me she was on her way back and that she had enjoyed her session. When she got home, I was immediately instructed to get undressed and use her ass. She stripped off and presented her naked ass and said, "Come on in darling, dont worry about lube, there is plenty in there already." I pushed in, which was indeed easy and started banging away, much more fun than my earlier packing. Chantal used her finger on her clit and we both ended up with a good climax, and were both very sweaty. She said "Thats nice, three good loads of spunk slopping around in my ass – so much better without a condom. Actually would have felt better in my pussy but he wanted my ass both times." I wondered what she had been up to, "So what did you do seduce the Doctor at the clinic?" "No, the guy who had the burst condom was being checked out at the same time, we were both clean, so it was far too good an opportunity to miss. I would have probably given it for a discount, but he paid full price, both parties very happy. I wonder if they would let me advertise at the clinic. It really is so much nicer to have the cum in me, which ever hole is involved, it is a much nicer feeling." We were young, still enjoying the newness of marriage and the exploration of sex. Both of us had been virgins when we married, had often played together prior to our wedding to the extent of oral sex, but never understood how exciting our sex life had become, practicing every morning noon and night as often as time allowed. Charie was one of those women who in public was always the model of decorum

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Free Brunette Milfs #1

Free Brunette Milfs #2

Free Brunette Milfs #3

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and class. We attended church regularly, Charie having been raised in the church was eager to fulfill her religious obligations and civic responsibility. She taught Sunday school to children, and they had both joined the choir. On our honeymoon trip to New York City we visited Times Square, being "lured" into an adult book shop by a shill standing at the door. Here Charie saw her first porno flick, actually masturbated while she watched and climaxed several times. The film was of two men on one woman, something she had never conceived of before that time. The men were both hung, much like me, so, having been with only one man and seeing the large endowment of the actors, she thought that this was normal for all men. I talked her into buying some sex toys and sexy lingerie, which we put to good use, and for the next year we made love constantly, often using the toys in our sexual activity. Many times when I was ramming my cock into her she wondered out loud what it would be like to be ravished by more than one man. I found the conversation very stimulating, but never imagined that it anything like that would ever happen to us. From my own point of view, now that I knew what sex was like with Charie, I often found my self becoming aroused, looking at attractive women, wondering what sex with them would be like? After our first year of marriage I had been transferred by my employer to the city of Huntington, West Virginia. It was 1964. There were no children in our marriage with none planned for the next five, and Charie found a new teaching job there. As we settled into the new community we became members of large church. We became active, Charie teaching Sunday school, I joining the governing board; and we both became members of the choir. The choir director was a handsome man of about 62" with penetratingly blue eyes. He appeared to keep himself very fit, the rumor being that he was a football star at one of the church affiliated universities in Kentucky. Johns wife Penny, a rather stunningly attractive and vivacious blonde, was the church organist, playing the piano and accompanying the choir as well. One night, after choir practice as we walked out of the church together Penny looked at John in a questioning manner and then asked if we drank. It had always been of interest to me that most people drank, but those involved in churches, particularly of the Baptist variety south of the Mason-Dixon Line, made a big deal about it. Many people went to the extreme of hiding their liquor in their homes so other church members wouldnt see it and think them sinners. Yes, we replied to the question. But Huntington was a "dry" town and we had to buy our liquor at the state store. No restaurants served alcoholic drinks. Both John and Penny seemed relieved,