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and class. We attended church regularly, Charie having been raised in the church was eager to fulfill her religious obligations and civic responsibility. She taught Sunday school to children, and they had both joined the choir. On our honeymoon trip to New York City we visited Times Square, being "lured" into an adult book shop by a shill standing at the door. Here Charie saw her first porno flick, actually masturbated while she watched and climaxed several times. The film was of two men on one woman, something she had never conceived of before that time. The men were both hung, much like me, so, having been with only one man and seeing the large endowment of the actors, she thought that this was normal for all men. I talked her into buying some sex toys and sexy lingerie, which we put to good use, and for the next year we made love constantly, often using the toys in our sexual activity. Many times when I was ramming my cock into her she wondered out loud what it would be like to be ravished by more than one man. I found the conversation very stimulating, but never imagined that it anything like that would ever happen to us. From my own point of view, now that I knew what sex was like with Charie, I often found my self becoming aroused, looking at attractive women, wondering what sex with them would be like? After our first year of marriage I had been transferred by my employer to the city of Huntington, West Virginia. It was 1964. There were no children in our marriage with none planned for the next five, and Charie found a new teaching job there. As we settled into the new community we became members of large church. We became active, Charie teaching Sunday school, I joining the governing board; and we both became members of the choir. The choir director was a handsome man of about 62" with penetratingly blue eyes. He appeared to keep himself very fit, the rumor being that he was a football star at one of the church affiliated universities in Kentucky. Johns wife Penny, a rather stunningly attractive and vivacious blonde, was the church organist, playing the piano and accompanying the choir as well. One night, after choir practice as we walked out of the church together Penny looked at John in a questioning manner and then asked if we drank. It had always been of interest to me that most people drank, but those involved in churches, particularly of the Baptist variety south of the Mason-Dixon Line, made a big deal about it. Many people went to the extreme of hiding their liquor in their homes so other church members wouldnt see it and think them sinners. Yes, we replied to the question. But Huntington was a "dry" town and we had to buy our liquor at the state store. No restaurants served alcoholic drinks. Both John and Penny seemed relieved,

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and told us that they had really been attracted to us, being close to our age, and wanted to get to know us better. They asked us to go out to dinner with them on Saturday, after which we could all go to the "Club." That was another strange thing about the state at the time. There were a couple of "clubs" in town, where you could by liquor off premises and drink it at the club. These establishments offered a personal locker for each member, a comfortable candlelit room with white table cloths, and a waiter to whom you would give your locker key so that he could take your bottle to the bar and have the bartender mix drinks for you. It would be a new experience for us, and we were looking for friendship being new in town so we eagerly accepted the invitation, feeling that we had something in common. We were both younger couples in the midst of a middle age world. I never mentioned it to Charie, but I couldnt help but look at Penny in a lustful way, wondering what her breasts would look like in the raw. They were larger than Charies and appeared to be perfectly formed. Saturday evening was pleasant, although it seemed strange not being able to order wine with dinner. Each couple talked about how we met our spouses, the fact that neither of us wanted children until we had been married at least five years, and we talked about the church and how stuffy the congregation was a whole, wondered out loud if the minister and his wife (both obese) ever had sex, giggling out loud about it. Both Charie and I felt at ease with John and Penny and looked forward to going with them later to the club. It was Saturday night and the house was full. The club was no more than a dimly lit room with a bar at the end, and restrooms on either end of the bar. The length of one wall was covered with small oak lockers that contained the booze of the club members. Each member had a key that would open their locker. When John placed our order he gave the waiter the key and the waiter opened the locker, took the bottles to the bartender who mixed the drinks. I couldnt resist the urge to make a joke. "I had a different opinion of what a key club was," I said. We talked about going to the Playboy Club with our large paper key as a pass. Also, it was during the early sixties and there was much talk of "key clubs," which signified a group of couples who would meet at each others homes, throw their car keys in a pile and pick out someone elses keys—along with their wives. Charie gave me a very accusatory look, wondering how I could have brought up such a subject with members of our church that we were trying to impress. John looked