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on my lover, I am back to work tomorrow, need to get back in practice." I started off giving her some oral attention, quite soon having two fingers in her ass and my thumb in her pussy, she did not need any practice she was still very receptive. I moved up, played with her nipples, and fingered her clit, another almost instant orgasm. I let her settle down a bit and said "All parts in full working order I see, what would you like now?" "You know I wanted you to play with my tits, but the booking does give you the excuse about bruising, perhaps you could bind them up for me. I guess you wont want to smack them, but they would look good ballooned up and purple." I gave her very hard twist of a nipple, and said "You stupid fool; its me that is supposed to be the pervert that would like to see that, not you." She again came up with the argument that when they were enhanced it would be dodgy, I succumbed. I got her to stand up and bend over so her boobs hung straight down and took the rope, which she by pure coincidence had left in the bedroom, and started to bind her. I doubled up a length of the rope, wrapped the looped end around a breast, and slipped the ends through making a slip noose. I then looped the ends around the base of her now rounder tit after checking for any trapped skin pulled up the slack. She now, as requested, had one of her beautiful breast looking like a balloon. It took me a couple of minutes to repeat the procedure on the other tit, we now had two slightly purple globes to play with. I gripped them lightly in each hand, despite the colouration the first one felt cool rather than hot, and gave them both a little shake and squeeze. Chantal was breathing rather rapidly and said "Go on, a few whacks with the cat would be fun." As I played with them, they were lovely and bouncy; I very nearly succumbed to her request but did manage to stop myself. I just told her no and continued to gently play with them; it was actually very erotic for both of us. Chantal took them in her hands, and gave them rather harder squeezes than I had, and said, "Oh, they feel funny, fuck me please if you still refuse to warm them up with the cat." The way she was pulling at them I was worried that she may damage them so I made her lay on the bed with her bound boobs pushing into the mattress. Grabbing a dollop of lube, I went into her ass really hard, deep, and fast. This got a loud scream, lots of grunts and then a very obvious long drawn out orgasmic scream. I came very quickly for me, and then rolled her onto her back, to see what damage we had done.

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Free Hot Milfs #1

Free Hot Milfs #2

Free Hot Milfs #3

Free Hot Milfs #4

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Her breasts were looking very purple indeed and did feel strangely cold, getting a lot of yelps of pain from her, I managed to release the now tighter ropes. The colour soon returned but there were very red indentation marks all around the base of each breast, were the ropes had dug in. Probably to stop me examining them and moaning, she pulled me down on her, pressing the now lovely and soft breasts into my chest. She whispered in my ear, after working her tongue into it a few times, "Thank you, that was smashing, I bet we try that again one day." We then cuddled up and went to sleep. On Monday morning, Chantal had a small dilemma, with how to dress, we were looking at a potential house, but later she was entertaining a gentleman. She finally decided on a short brown check mini, a beige blouse, and her tan leather jacket together with a pair of black stiletto boots. A good combination of smart and sexy, although with the mood she was in of late, she was sexy however, she dressed. The house we inspected was very much what we had in mind, an old detached house with a secluded driveway on one of the secondary roads into the port. Decoration was very good and there was a nice little annex with small lounge, kitchen, and fair size bedroom all on the ground floor. The rest of the house was plenty big enough, and we ended up making an offer a few thousand below the asking price. I would have to hurry up and put mine on the market as soon as we got back home. Chantal managed to get an appointment at the local sexual health clinic; I did chicken out and said I would only go if she had a problem. Considering it was an appointment, they did not seem very well organised and she ended up taking more than two hours at the hospital. She did however get a full service, with blood and urine samples, and an internal examination; she even got a hepatitis B injection. All the tests were fine, except the HIV, which she had to go back and collect the result of in a few days. She made particular reference to the fact, that her marathon anal action had done no harm at all. Obviously, the results were good, but I was a little worried that it all seemed too easy, and she may get over confident in future. She said, "All for free, they even gave me a dozen free condoms – how long are they supposed to last a girl? All very clinical, I think I liked your fantasy Doctor much better." She was quite happy to get to work after that, and it was not long before I dropped her off at a small suburban house. While she was going to be entertained for a couple of hours, I had to find something to kill the time yet again. After sitting in the