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evening, at home waiting for a pizza to be delivered. Charie had situated all of our candles around the apartment (we used thirty in our bedroom when made love). There were no other lights but the flickering candles. She had wrapped a dishtowel around the base of my cock to keep stains off my dark suit, and was working her mouth on my cock, up and down, at the same time flicking and rubbing her clitoris with her finger. We were both excited by the wild, muffled sounds of John and Pennys passions which leaked through the thin hollow core door of our guest bedroom. This was a fitting prelude to what we now knew would happen, and the mysteries yet to come. Even though I had masturbated earlier in the shower I needed to squeeze the cheeks of my ass together to keep from cumming. The noises from the bedroom centered my mind on Penny, adding to my excitement. Charie was sucking my cock, but I fantasized that it was Pennys mouth, and had a pretty good idea that before the evening was out; her mouth would be on me anyway. When I heard her muffled, "Yess, yess," I relaxed the cheeks of my ass releasing my load into Charies mouth. Charie looked up with her doe eyes, happy that she pleased me and wiggled her clit harder, her head collapsing forward into my lap as her spasms caught and receded. Not long after, the pizza man was knocking on the door. Charie arranged the pizza on the coffee table in the living room, brought a basket-bottle of Chianti from the kitchen and poured four glasses. She nodded to me, and I went to the guest bedroom door and knocked. "Pizzas here." I took off my tie and shed my coat. Charie had kicked off her heels and was sitting on the floor with her legs curled under her in front of the table. I sat on the couch with Charie leaning against my legs. The door of the bedroom opened. John let Penny go first. She had stripped the top sheet from the bed and wrapped it around her like a toga, her nipples showing prominently through the thin fabric. As John came through the door in stocking feet he was tucking his white shirt into his pants, and zipped up his fly. Penny stood before us, holding her arms out wide and said, "The latest fashion from Rome." Then she said, "I hope you dont mind that I am using your sheet, but there were too many clothes to put back on, and I didnt want to come to the table naked. Besides," wrinkling her nose and grinning, "we kind of messed up your bed." Charie just smiled at her and said, "Sleeping around has a way of making beds messy, and were going to have to change the beds in the morning anyway. So, whats a sheet between friends?" "Charie is my kind of woman," John said to me, pulling the

Free Milfs Photos - Sample Screenshots:

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Free Milfs Photos #1

Free Milfs Photos #2

Free Milfs Photos #3

Free Milfs Photos #4

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arm chair closer to the coffee table and sitting. "That remains to be seen, "I said, my exercised cock beginning to iron out its wrinkles again. Penny sat on the floor across from Charie, picked up her wine glass and held it out. "To Church friends," she said and laughed. We all echoed, "To church friends," clinking glasses and then tipping them to our lips. As the wine warmed my stomach I felt like a man of the world, wicked and ready for an evening of debauchery. Honoring the woman in the toga I said, "Let the games begin," and looked hungrily into Pennys eyes. "I love games," Penny replied, never taking her eyes from my gaze, "But from what Ive observed I might be overwhelmed by your weapon." And then, looking at Charie, she asked, "Is Garys the biggest cock youve ever had?" With a gleam in her eye Charie directed her answer to John. "Garys is the only cock Ive ever had. But Ive got an idea that tonight will add one more to the total." Then she stood, walked over to Johns chair and lowered herself into his lap. "Do you mind?" she asked him, looking over at me, her eyes making sure that I approved. I nodded and smiled, thinking how brazen my sweet wife had become in such a short period of time, then looked invitingly at Penny, patting the seat beside me, saying, "Penny?" It was all I could do to keep my voice from quavering. She complied and sat next to me, nestling close. John draped his arm over Charie shoulder, pulling her closer. She took his hand and placed it on her breast. It was clear that she wasnt going let this evening slip away without Johns cock being the second one she would have inside her. Watching Charies move with Johns hand Penny asked, "Are you sure youve never done this before Charie?" Charie returned Pennys gaze and replied, "Nope, I havent. I dont have the advantage of your experience Penny but that doesnt mean that I havent thought about it more than once." The pizza and wine satisfied our need for food and drink. Candle light made the ambience of the room conducive to romance and deep stirrings. It wasnt long before both couples were necking, at first lightly pecking accompanied by gentle moans. Soon the pecking was replaced by heavy breathing broken by wet slurps augmented by more amorous moans— delicious preamble to the evening. The flickering candlelight coupled highlighted shadows of our bodies moving without passion, filling me with a kind of excitement, perhaps sophistication that I had never known. Pennys lips were delicious, her breasts, through the thin fabric of the sheet, were soft to my touch. My excitement of experiencing another woman was almost feverish, my cock straining to get loose of my restrictive suit trousers, and the fact that I knew that I would soon be experiencing her pleasures, coupled with the knowledge that my wife was on the verge of fucking Johns brains