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we could well be looking for a new church. The color in Charies face had faded somewhat, but her eyes still glowed. Her gaze penetrated Pennys as if she was getting ready to throw down the gauntlet. "Penny, Who do you think you are you come into our house and use a word like fuck in our presence? Weve never used that word in conversation with another couple. Its private between us. I cant believe what I just heard." I thought Charie would be excited by such talk. I was. Apparently she realized the thoughts we were thinking were all a sham and, upon hearing Pennys crude remark, came to her senses. John looked at Penny who was shrinking with guilt. He was obviously uncomfortable, skulking back toward the door, like he was preparing for a quick getaway. I was just embarrassed by the whole thing, feeling foolish for having such thoughts in the first place, not realizing that one day there might be a Scotty to beam me up. "Look at what youve done to my poor Gary," she said, her lips curling into a wry smile, "He looks like he has a banana in his shorts,"then casting Penny an accusatory glance, "All because of you Penny." Everybody, including me, looked down at my crotch. The bulge of my prominent cock made an impressive display before I could cover it with my hands. I felt relieved that the pressure had stopped building, although I was quite surprised at the fact that Charie had pushed the issue so hard. I guess all those conversations brought on by the porno movie in the adult book store in New York City on our honeymoon, about how much she wondered what another cock would feel like inside her hand emboldened her. She was about to make it clear to all of us that she wasnt going to wait for delayed gratification. Charie laughed sarcastically and then continued, "My poor baby gets a hard-on every time he sees you Penny. And John, ever since last Saturday night, I get wet every time I hum the music weve been practicing." She hesitated, braced herself to hold back her emotions and continued, "So, I have to ask myself John, when your wife talked about fucking in one bedroom tonight and another tomorrow night, did she also think about fucking another man tonight in another bedroom? I did, and I am." I was dumbfounded. John and Penny smiled broadly and caught on when Charie finally broke into uproarious laughter. They quickly joined in, and so did I as I thought, game on! "So," Charie said, "what does everybody want on the want on the pizza?" After all the agonizing and the questions in my mind of how all this would come about. Would the conversation come up at the restaurant? At the club? Would we be asked to come to John and Pennys apartment? I ran each conversation back and forth in my mind. So here we were, all dressed for the

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Free Milfs Pictures #1

Free Milfs Pictures #2

Free Milfs Pictures #3

Free Milfs Pictures #4

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evening, at home waiting for a pizza to be delivered. Charie had situated all of our candles around the apartment (we used thirty in our bedroom when made love). There were no other lights but the flickering candles. She had wrapped a dishtowel around the base of my cock to keep stains off my dark suit, and was working her mouth on my cock, up and down, at the same time flicking and rubbing her clitoris with her finger. We were both excited by the wild, muffled sounds of John and Pennys passions which leaked through the thin hollow core door of our guest bedroom. This was a fitting prelude to what we now knew would happen, and the mysteries yet to come. Even though I had masturbated earlier in the shower I needed to squeeze the cheeks of my ass together to keep from cumming. The noises from the bedroom centered my mind on Penny, adding to my excitement. Charie was sucking my cock, but I fantasized that it was Pennys mouth, and had a pretty good idea that before the evening was out; her mouth would be on me anyway. When I heard her muffled, "Yess, yess," I relaxed the cheeks of my ass releasing my load into Charies mouth. Charie looked up with her doe eyes, happy that she pleased me and wiggled her clit harder, her head collapsing forward into my lap as her spasms caught and receded. Not long after, the pizza man was knocking on the door. Charie arranged the pizza on the coffee table in the living room, brought a basket-bottle of Chianti from the kitchen and poured four glasses. She nodded to me, and I went to the guest bedroom door and knocked. "Pizzas here." I took off my tie and shed my coat. Charie had kicked off her heels and was sitting on the floor with her legs curled under her in front of the table. I sat on the couch with Charie leaning against my legs. The door of the bedroom opened. John let Penny go first. She had stripped the top sheet from the bed and wrapped it around her like a toga, her nipples showing prominently through the thin fabric. As John came through the door in stocking feet he was tucking his white shirt into his pants, and zipped up his fly. Penny stood before us, holding her arms out wide and said, "The latest fashion from Rome." Then she said, "I hope you dont mind that I am using your sheet, but there were too many clothes to put back on, and I didnt want to come to the table naked. Besides," wrinkling her nose and grinning, "we kind of messed up your bed." Charie just smiled at her and said, "Sleeping around has a way of making beds messy, and were going to have to change the beds in the morning anyway. So, whats a sheet between friends?" "Charie is my kind of woman," John said to me, pulling the