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breasts." She laughed and said, "See you think they sag, I do need a boob job." I held the chain behind her neck and gave it a good hard yank, which both tightened the clamps on her nipples and stretched her boobs upwards. "Make comments like that and I will shorten the chain like this." I let them fall back, picked up her new soft cat, and said, "Lets see if this is any use." I gave a few light practice swipes at the tops of her tits, with my slightly harder fourth stroke I was rewarded with several mild reddish marks. The flexible ends did bend around nicely to affect the whole curve of her breast. The silly girl obviously thought the last stroke had the right affect, as she pumped away at her pussy harder. I then gave six hard strikes around the underside of her breasts, three on each one. This had her giving a deep yelp with each contact. I am not sure, if it was because I was being harder, or that the bottoms of her tits were more susceptible, but they were collecting a large number of thin red streaks. "Are you still feeling the pain in your bum?" She was still pumping away at her pussy, and looking rather warm and said "Oh yes, you have not got rid of the pain in my butt yet, you will have to try harder, definitely use the black cat harder." That was cheeky, using Nevada Chantals code black for do what you are doing but harder. I told her "Put you hand behind your neck, and pull up these droopy boobs some more then and I will see if I can take the pain away." This was silly, we had both agreed no abuse, and there I was marking her beautiful flesh, and we were both enjoying every moment. I gave her several hard whacks around the bottom of each breast, and two right across each nipple. This did produce lots of red lines, all following the lovely contours of her flesh. Her reaction was a long draw out yes … and she pulled off the pussy inflator. I took this as an invitation and gave each grossly inflated pussy lip a swipe, and one right in the middle, hitting her swollen clit. This made her sit up very fast and yell "Oh fuck that hurt." I quickly buried my mouth over her swollen parts, the streaks from the cat were very visible, and brought her to a screaming orgasm. As she lay there, cooling off and panting, I gave the occasional lick all over her inflamed pussy area, with each lick I had her shuddering again. I got up and slowly removed the clamp from one of her nipples. This got a drawn out growl as the blood rushed back in to the purple bud, the reaction she gave to me taking it in my mouth, and playing my tongue around her barbell was one of definite pleasure. Both of us

Free Milfs Video - Sample Screenshots:

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Free Milfs Video #1

Free Milfs Video #2

Free Milfs Video #3

Free Milfs Video #4

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also enjoyed repeating the performance on the other nipple, and I then asked. "I appear to have made you forget your sore ass; can I fuck you now please?" She put her arms around me making sure, as she cuddled me, that her bruised tits were pushed hard up against me. After giving me a sensual kiss around my ear and neck said, "I do only have nice feelings all over my body now but dont you think my tits could be a little more black." My dick was rock hard and more than ready to get involved, but I could not refuse her request. I stood up again and took her hand down to her pussy and picked up the flippy plastic ruler saying "Alright but remember it was you that asked, start playing with yourself and I will see what I can do." I must admit that I got a little carried away, but it was what she wanted, and hit the lovely orbs hard several times on the upper surface. Her reaction, sinking several fingers into her pussy and yelling yes, just encouraged me to swing it lots more times covering the whole of her tits in red lines. She was sweating like mad and just about continuously screaming so with a very hard whack on each nipple, I said "Enough". With that, I jumped on top of her and fucked the stupid girl as hard as my worn out body could manage. I very soon came, but was so worked up that I stayed in and hard for some time while she had the most fantastic orgasm. As I slid out and lay down beside her, I noticed the horrible inflamed state I had left her previously so beautiful breasts in. I had not broken the skin but there were no patches of her lovely natural colour left, they would look horrible when the bruises came out. When she finally regained her normal breathing, she said, "Oh darling that was a fantastic fuck, thank you so very much – I am sure that proves Nevada Chantal and your Chantal is in fact one and the same person." I said, "Yes I agree, but how could you make me hurt your lovely tits like that?" As she cradled her boobs in her hands, she said, "They will be fine in no time; and it worked, I can hardly feel the pain in my ass now, not in comparison anyway. I dont think I had better go to the sexual health clinic for a few days though, someone will be around to arrest you if they see these." We just lay there for some time enjoying the warmth of each others bodies. She broke the silence by placing one of my hands on her boob and saying, "Arent you a little sorry you broke those long needles?" "Alright, I admit to being a little sorry that I had enough sense not to let you do that, but I am still certain that it was the right decision.