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have been the same, if it had not been so horrid. I am not sorry we did it though, that was some experience, and I am now more of a slut than Nevada Chantal." I reached across the table and took her hand "I hope that means you can now slow up and try not to complete with her, I dont want you damaged." She just smiled and said, "Perhaps with the way my bum feels, I should be having sensible thoughts, but no, I am definitely having far too much fun to slow up yet. I know, in your fantasy brothel, I would not have ended up with cum leaking out of my pussy with no memory of what happened. I also know that your fantasy Chantal would not have such a bloody painful ass, but I am still enjoying it very much." "I am sitting here trying to get comfortable and thinking what lovely sex we can have together when we get home, nothing seems to put me off wanting more." After breakfast, we packed up and booked out, the coming week was her off week so we told Hazel that we would be missing a week but would see her in a fortnight. Walking out to the car, Chantal was still feeling very uncomfortable, but said it was not too bad when she was sitting. On the drive back, we talked at length about the idea of getting a house nearer her work and agreed that we would start looking around. She also said it was silly; her continuing her office job, as she had netted 1,500 this weekend, business was good. She would have to work for the next couple of weeks but she had two weeks holiday due so that would complete her months notice. Considering the pain her ass was still giving her, I was quite surprised when she mentioned some more. "I have earnt more than enough for a proper boob job, unless you think we will need the cash towards the new house, I would like to get them done next month." I told her that the house was no problem for me, assuming I could sell my own, which was worth about the same as what we had in mind. I then asked "Are you sure you really need those lovely breasts stuffed with bags of liquid, I think they are perfect exactly as they are." She said, "I know you well enough to be sure that you would actually love larger ones even more, I dont want anything silly. One size larger, but more importantly, sitting higher up and sagging less, when I am lying on my back. I have earnt more than enough, to have a good job done." "Thinking about my boobs I have plans for what you can do with them tonight, I have bought you a few presents. I must admit that I have to amend the plans a little though, you are not going to be able to play with my poor ass." When we

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Free Naked Milfs #1

Free Naked Milfs #2

Free Naked Milfs #3

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got back home, we spent awhile on the net looking at some properties and asked for a few details to be mailed to us. Chantal also had a few e-mails to answer from the lads from Saturday night. While we were sitting down watching some television, after tea, she said that she wanted some sex and for me to wait while she changed. I was all in favour, as I had not had any action since the quick, and cold, fuck in the car park. It was a rather long wait, but well worth it, when she finally called me into the bedroom. She was standing, in her highest heels, but only wearing a black waist cincher corset. She had to get me to pull the laces tight, before we got the full effect, and after considerable effort on both our parts had them really tight. She gave me a short show walking and twirling around and said "I look good but think how much nicer with my tits shaping me even more." I told her that I liked my present very much indeed and that she looked fantastic, and that was not bullshit, she looked fantastic. "Glad you approve but this is not your only present, have a look in the box over there." Saying that, she stretched her lovely body out on the bed, and watched me open the box. Inside I found several individually wrapped packages; the first when opened, revealed leather cat o nine tails. I was a little perturbed by this, but had to admit that the tails were made of soft leather so perhaps not too naughty of her. "This is very naughty of you; we agreed that I did not want to hurt you but this one seems soft enough not to do any damage. I am a bit worried about what else I will find though." She gave me a lovely smile and said, "Go on open the other packets; you will be able to give your lovely Chantal a good fuck after you have played with her a bit." The next box I opened contained a pair of clover clamps, and a long length of chain. I told her all right so far not too bad. The next box contained a large pack of assorted hypodermic needles that I immediately threw in the bin saying, "No darling, I will not allow you to stick anything in your lovely body other than the holes you were born with." She said "Hey, dont be a spoil sport, that is a very poor argument you love my nipple piercing and I suspect you would like me to have some more. At the very least take them out of the bin and put them away in the drawer." I agreed but warned her that it was only me that was allowed to touch them, which was unlikely, and she was never to take them out. The next box was even worse; it contained six very long spinal needles. "There is absolutely no way that