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herself so much. "Oh yes, yes faster please, faster." Number five came at exactly the same time that Chantal had her second orgasm. "Yes! Quickly another fast one please." The next guy tried his best and was bashing away but it was now so muddy underfoot that the pair of them lost their balance and slid onto the ground. They untangled themselves and several of the guys jumped forward to help Chantal to her feet. She took off her jacket, stretched her beautiful body out across the bonnet, and got him to continue. As number, six resumed his thrusting she held on tight to the doorframe and shouted encouragement. Her left leg and hair were covered in mud from her fall but her now naked back showed that she was warming up nicely with a sheen of sweat. Number six completed and was quickly replaced by number seven. He was very vigorous and returned her to orgasmic pleasure in no time, but from her comments did not last long enough. "No, get another one in there now!" Number eight was soon in position and pounding away to her satisfaction. I had intended to offer her a break as she was half way through but her continued enthusiasm made the idea pointless. The next guy was a bit slower and did not really please her but she made no complaint. "Come on guys you are warming me up nicely, get another one in there please." In the brief time her ass was empty I saw that her cute little star was neither looking cute or star like. It was looking red raw and was not puckered up; I could have slipped a finger in without touching the sides. Number ten was another good one who took her over the edge again, and a quick changeover to number eleven kept her there. I asked the guys who had yet to have the pleasure to make sure they used plenty of lube, as I mentioned she was looking sore. She certainly gave no indication of feeling uncomfortable as she yelled "Yes, yes, keep it up guys I am feeling good." With that number, twelve slipped easily in, but unfortunately she again lost her grip again and they collapsed into a heap on the ground. When he lifted himself off and she stood up her whole chest was covered in mud and she was spitting to clear it from her mouth. All the action had made the area so sticky with the drizzle still falling, a couple of us lifted her back up into position, and they got going again. Number thirteen closely followed by number fourteen soon had her forgetting any discomfort and she was screaming with pleasure again. "Going great guys, keep it up – next please." Number fifteen was in very obviously to her enjoyment. "Oh yes! Pound away please, harder ... nice." Number sixteen was the last in line and she was more than happy to receive his attention, a nice long pounding was fully and verbally

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Free Nude Milfs #1

Free Nude Milfs #2

Free Nude Milfs #3

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appreciated. "Come on William I am sure you can manage seconds." I thought that was not in the script but he was the only one paying tonight, and he was soon getting his moneys worth. As he finished, she turned and smiled at me and said, "Please darling can you also take your turn as a special favour, I will explain later." It was cold and I had not been preparing myself but with all the action, I had seen her receiving I was rock hard. I got him out and pushed in as instructed. That was actually the wrong word, I did not need to push it just slipped in and appreciating the mood she was in I went as deep, long and fast as I could manage. I did get a very appreciative reaction before climaxing a few moments after she did. "Thank you wonderful people, I hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did. That was the most fantastic experience and I trust I will see you all again very soon. If anyone has got a thermos of coffee hidden away in their car they will earn a very special kiss." I joined in the applause and cheering from all her men, as with lots of cheery goodbyes they disappeared back to their cars. There was no point in trying to clean her up, that would have needed a fire hose but I did find a car rug to keep her warm and one of the guys did produce a warm coffee which earnt him a kiss. It was William that suggested she needed to get home to warm up in a bath, I agreed, now that the sexual high was fading, she was shivering. She gave William a long cuddle and said she hoped to see him soon. Fortunately, I had left my car engine running, because I was supplying the light, so my car was nice and warm. The poor girl was rather quiet on the way back but although still feeling the cold, she said that she was very pleased with the evening. When I asked why I had been invited to participate she said "Didnt you guess, Nevada Chantal had seventeen for her gang bang so I had to better that using William for seconds and finishing with you." I could only reply that I thought that it was because no one else had pleased her as much as I do. "Dont be silly any cock would have done." When we got back to the hotel Hazel spotted us coming in and a worried look on her face soon turned to understanding when a chirpy Chantal said "Hello, dont look so worried I am fine just been in the woods entertaining a few friends." She did actually look a complete mess walking in covered by a car rug, her hair, and any flesh showing caked in mud. The very first thing she did was have a warm shower to get the worst of the mud off but then