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Her breasts were looking very purple indeed and did feel strangely cold, getting a lot of yelps of pain from her, I managed to release the now tighter ropes. The colour soon returned but there were very red indentation marks all around the base of each breast, were the ropes had dug in. Probably to stop me examining them and moaning, she pulled me down on her, pressing the now lovely and soft breasts into my chest. She whispered in my ear, after working her tongue into it a few times, "Thank you, that was smashing, I bet we try that again one day." We then cuddled up and went to sleep. On Monday morning, Chantal had a small dilemma, with how to dress, we were looking at a potential house, but later she was entertaining a gentleman. She finally decided on a short brown check mini, a beige blouse, and her tan leather jacket together with a pair of black stiletto boots. A good combination of smart and sexy, although with the mood she was in of late, she was sexy however, she dressed. The house we inspected was very much what we had in mind, an old detached house with a secluded driveway on one of the secondary roads into the port. Decoration was very good and there was a nice little annex with small lounge, kitchen, and fair size bedroom all on the ground floor. The rest of the house was plenty big enough, and we ended up making an offer a few thousand below the asking price. I would have to hurry up and put mine on the market as soon as we got back home. Chantal managed to get an appointment at the local sexual health clinic; I did chicken out and said I would only go if she had a problem. Considering it was an appointment, they did not seem very well organised and she ended up taking more than two hours at the hospital. She did however get a full service, with blood and urine samples, and an internal examination; she even got a hepatitis B injection. All the tests were fine, except the HIV, which she had to go back and collect the result of in a few days. She made particular reference to the fact, that her marathon anal action had done no harm at all. Obviously, the results were good, but I was a little worried that it all seemed too easy, and she may get over confident in future. She said, "All for free, they even gave me a dozen free condoms – how long are they supposed to last a girl? All very clinical, I think I liked your fantasy Doctor much better." She was quite happy to get to work after that, and it was not long before I dropped her off at a small suburban house. While she was going to be entertained for a couple of hours, I had to find something to kill the time yet again. After sitting in the

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Free Videos Milfs #1

Free Videos Milfs #2

Free Videos Milfs #3

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car half-listening to the radio and reading a war novel, she phoned at the expected time for a pickup. She had apparently had a good time, very friendly and good sex, and another 200 added to the funds. On the drive home, I mentioned that I was fed up with sitting around and it would be ideal when we got the house sorted out. She was sympathetic and told me that she would relieve my boredom when we got home. When we arrived home she immediately took me to bed, and apologised for having to leave me in a cold car for two hours, while she enjoyed herself. She insisted that the session was only for my pleasure, not hers. Chantal used her lovely mouth to wake up my equipment, then sat on me, and did all the work, telling me to lay still. She seemed to have developed remarkable control over her pussy muscles, as she was literally milking me with very little body movement. She placed her hands on her lovely boobs, and lifted them in turn to her mouth and licked her own nipples. With a little bit of assistance from me, pumping up and down she got me to dump a nice load into her. She collapsed down on top of me, her boobs are lovely and soft, and said "There, does that prove how grateful I am?" "I was not really complaining, but that was a very pleasant reward. Your boobs feel so nice, are you sure you want them stuffed, they might feel different." "Just like the fantasy Chantal, I will have small incisions under the armpits and the implants will be under my breast muscles. All the lovely soft bits will be pushed further out for you to play with. Talking of which, tonight I would like you to play with them again" I lifted her off, called her stupid, and suggested we dressed and started tidying up the house as we would, hopefully have some buyers viewing it shortly. We had another good session in the evening, just a normal anal; she did not push the breast play option. The following morning we went to see an estate agent friend of mine, he knew my house, and said he could probably have three potential buyers looking at it this week. He would guarantee a good price and a quick sale, the area and size of my house where in great demand. With that in mind, we spent the rest of the day getting everything clean and tidy. He came around and took all the particulars, and even said that he had two people who wanted to view it the following day. A complication arose in the morning; Chantal had an outcall request for the afternoon come in, from one of her doggers. As I had to wait in for the prospective house buyers we agreed, that as it was a repeat it would be all right for her to drive up alone. She phoned when she arrived at his house,