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I am also certain that we will not even use the little ones, even skin deep." With that, I gave her tit the hardest squeeze that I could manage and continued. "Dont you think I hurt you enough then?" She just laughed at me and said "Do you want to try the new cat some more? No, dont worry, I know you are right, I will probably hurt everywhere tomorrow, but I still found it pleasurable, while it was happening. Thank you for refusing the needles; you must not let me do anything that draws blood." I lent over and reasonably gently took a nipple in my mouth and after giving it a kiss said, "At last some sense, no blood – do you want to clean up or shall we just go to sleep?" "Perhaps you could take my corset off first, I know it makes me look nice, but you did pull it very tight." After removing it, I could see what she meant; the pattern of the stays had left very distinct marks. She then snuggled down under the sheets and cuddled up and we both dropped off, without any more discussion. In the morning, Chantal woke me up with a kiss and said "Morning my love, Im off to the toilet, will be back in a second." I reluctantly opened my eyes to see her beautiful body disappear out the door. When she came back in, now facing me, it was still a beautifully shaped body I saw, but the colouring was not beautiful. The whole surface area of each breast was covered in bruising, a background of purple/black, but many red streaks. There were even a few black and yellow bruises from where her corset stays had dug into her lovely body. Her pussy lips also looked a lot redder than was natural, and as she came towards the bed, her walk could only be described as delicate. She said, "Fantasy bodies must recover a lot easier than real ones; my ass is still burning like mad, and my poor tits, the slightest touch hurts them. But before you say anything at all, I have absolutely no regrets, the pleasure gained over the last weekend far outweighs a little discomfort this morning." I jumped out of bed and said, "If its only a little discomfort, I take it you would like me to bend you over and grabbing a good handful of each tit ram my cock up your ass?" Smiling, she said "Put like that perhaps, a little discomfort was the wrong description, yes I hurt like hell, and I am going to have to give work a miss. I feel a bit guilty doing over the phone, but I will hand in my notice when I phone in sick. I take it, I am allowed to give your offer to fuck my ass a miss?" She went and had a long soak in the bath, and after phoning work, had a good breakfast. After lazing around for the rest of

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Hot Milfs Free #1

Hot Milfs Free #2

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the morning, she said her bum was well on the mend, but she could still not stand to have anything against her boobs. The rest of the week Chantal did go to work, it turned out that if she worked the Friday she had enough accumulated holiday to finish her notice then. As the week progressed all her discomfort had completely cleared up, although I did refrain from using her ass, my consideration was rewarded with a lot of oral. When she was getting ready for work Friday morning, she took extra care, she had arranged to go for a farewell drink with all her colleagues after work. She wore her wedding outfit, the beige trouser suit with nice heels, and plenty of cleavage. With relish, she also put a pack of her new business cards in her purse saying, "I will have some fun handing these out just as I am leaving." As she was going for a drink, I took her into work and told her to call when she wanted picking up. Chantal called when she left work and told me they would only be a couple of hours and for we to pick her up at seven, she was feeling a little down having to say goodbye to a lot of old friends. I waited in the pub car park and right on time she came hurrying out and jumped in telling me to drive home. She had, apparently given a pile of her cards to her best friend, Sandra, and told her to hand them round when she had gone. She left both her phones turned off but told me to drive home and wind up the computer to see if they give any reaction. As she knew there was a WiFi hot spot in the pub she expected some comments, she was not disappointed. The first two e-mails she opened, addressed of course to her escort site, were not exactly wishing her luck. Both were very brief, in bold type, You disgusting Bitch and Filthy Whore, good riddance. She said she was not surprised by either of these, both from women she described as stuck up bitches. There were several from guys all wishing her best of luck and saying how she had changed over the last few weeks. Also several from women wishing her luck but saying in no way could they do it. Two however were more interesting, one of her bosses, who she said, had been a bit of a pest since her new image, wanted to arrange an appointment with her – she was quite happy with that. The other was from her friend Sandra – You bitch, you cant leave just like that we must talk, I want all, and I mean all, the details that sounds like real fun. Please, pretty please, call me as soon as you can. Chantal laughed at that one and said, "The little slut, if there was anyone I wanted to tell it was her. Ill go and have