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guilt, then sent us into a passionate interaction which we pursued with wild abandon. There was no question that we were both in need of R&R, a respite to insure that we didnt do permanent damage to our sexual assets. We were both groggy. The coffee and hot showers mitigated our sluggishness to some extent, but as we drove to church that Sunday morning we just wanted to get off the car seat which was further irritating our tender parts, lay down on a bed, apart from one another, and try to rest our wounded bodies. John and Penny looked at both of us when we were putting on our choir robes, chuckled to one another and gave us, what appeared to, understanding smiles. After what I had imagined about John and Penny, whether it was true or not, participating in the choir would never be the same. While sitting in the choir loft during Church, watching Penny play the organ, my eyes fixated on the mounds beneath her robe. When she played I could see them bounce and wondered if her nipples were stimulated by the friction created with the fabric of her bra. I silently cursed my eyes when my penis began to swell. And when we stood to sing the anthem I winced as my raw, plumping member burned at the touch of my underwear. With both John and Penny it was business as usual. There were no further looks or remarks that might indicate that last night had even taken place. But in the parking lot, after church, John and Penny caught up with us. "We really enjoyed your company last night," John said. "Would you like to do it again?" Penny smiled hopefully. "It was a great evening," I said looking at Charie shaking my head, "A great evening. And the conversation was fun." "Am I forgiven for speaking so inappropriately?" Penny asked Charie. "You were just sharing what was on your heart Penny," Charie answered, coming to her aid. "Actually, Gary and I talked quite a bit about what you said. I dont know if I am ready to agree with all it, but we both thought it an interesting point of view." She was posturing, trying to appear church-like. "I just dont like being a phony," Penny said, "not saying that you are Charie. Its just that if I feel comfortable with a friend, I like to say whats on my mind." John jumped in, "So, shall we go to dinner again?" He asked eagerly. "Theres another place on the other side of town (the other side of town was only ten minutes away), Italian. And we can finish off at the club again and..." He seemed like he wanted to continue, but thought better of it. By Tuesday I was back in the saddle and Charie was enjoying our rides. It seemed that now when we made love there was a new dimension to our every action. And without verbal communication on the subject we both knew that

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we hoped at possibilities that Saturday night might uncover. We both realized that we might have been entirely wrong. But there was something about John and Penny that neither of us could quite grasp, something that we had never sensed in any other couple with whom wed been close, something in the way they looked at us. On Wednesday night at choir practice John was all business. Penny did her usually competent job at the piano with no interchange between us, either verbal or otherwise. After practice we parted, saying that we would see each other Saturday night. All day Saturday I couldnt keep my mind off Penny, fantasizing that what Charie and I thought could possibly happen. I knew that Charie was thinking similar thoughts about John. Neither of us shared these thoughts with the other, but each time I looked at Charie she smiled with new excitement sparkling in her eyes. We both took longer than usual in getting ready. While I was taking my shower I closed my eyes under the warm water and visualized Penny naked. Then, as my manhood began to stretch out and plump I grasped my nine inch cock and masturbated, rationalizing that by cumming then I wouldnt embarrass myself by popping my load like a teenager if the excitement of a possible encounter actually took place. As Charie was drying her hair, standing naked in front of the mirror, I noticed that her nipples were reddened and plumped. She had a wonderfully slim hourglass body. Her breasts were much smaller than Pennys, 33bs. But her nipples were well oversized for her breasts. It was then that I realized that we might be acting unreasonably, and said, "Have you thought that we might be acting like a couple of kids? Maybe well be in for a great disappointment." "I dont think so Gary," she said, "Maybe it wont happen tonight. But you know that Ive had plenty of men look at me the way that John does when he thinks Im not watching. Ive never been aware, though, of a woman looking at me in the same way; and Penny seems to do it all the time." "Does that make you uncomfortable Honey?" "No, not at all," she said enthusiastically, "It makes me horny. Im almost dripping just thinking about it now." We both dressed for dinner--that was the drill in the 60s. I wore a suit and tie, and a white shirt. Mens underwear was either white boxers, or white briefs. I wore boxers because I loved my wife to feel my hard-on whenever we danced. Charie had sexy lace white panties, a white garter belt and dark hose (thigh-highs were a long way off. A "proper" lady wore a girdle to hold her stockings up, but Charie was a bit of a rebel.) She wore a matching lace bra, and a black sheath dress that went just below her knees, and on her feet, black peau de soie pumps with three inch stiletto heals, which were the