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we hoped at possibilities that Saturday night might uncover. We both realized that we might have been entirely wrong. But there was something about John and Penny that neither of us could quite grasp, something that we had never sensed in any other couple with whom wed been close, something in the way they looked at us. On Wednesday night at choir practice John was all business. Penny did her usually competent job at the piano with no interchange between us, either verbal or otherwise. After practice we parted, saying that we would see each other Saturday night. All day Saturday I couldnt keep my mind off Penny, fantasizing that what Charie and I thought could possibly happen. I knew that Charie was thinking similar thoughts about John. Neither of us shared these thoughts with the other, but each time I looked at Charie she smiled with new excitement sparkling in her eyes. We both took longer than usual in getting ready. While I was taking my shower I closed my eyes under the warm water and visualized Penny naked. Then, as my manhood began to stretch out and plump I grasped my nine inch cock and masturbated, rationalizing that by cumming then I wouldnt embarrass myself by popping my load like a teenager if the excitement of a possible encounter actually took place. As Charie was drying her hair, standing naked in front of the mirror, I noticed that her nipples were reddened and plumped. She had a wonderfully slim hourglass body. Her breasts were much smaller than Pennys, 33bs. But her nipples were well oversized for her breasts. It was then that I realized that we might be acting unreasonably, and said, "Have you thought that we might be acting like a couple of kids? Maybe well be in for a great disappointment." "I dont think so Gary," she said, "Maybe it wont happen tonight. But you know that Ive had plenty of men look at me the way that John does when he thinks Im not watching. Ive never been aware, though, of a woman looking at me in the same way; and Penny seems to do it all the time." "Does that make you uncomfortable Honey?" "No, not at all," she said enthusiastically, "It makes me horny. Im almost dripping just thinking about it now." We both dressed for dinner--that was the drill in the 60s. I wore a suit and tie, and a white shirt. Mens underwear was either white boxers, or white briefs. I wore boxers because I loved my wife to feel my hard-on whenever we danced. Charie had sexy lace white panties, a white garter belt and dark hose (thigh-highs were a long way off. A "proper" lady wore a girdle to hold her stockings up, but Charie was a bit of a rebel.) She wore a matching lace bra, and a black sheath dress that went just below her knees, and on her feet, black peau de soie pumps with three inch stiletto heals, which were the

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style of the day. John and Penny were picking us up at seven. We lived in a second floor apartment in a four unit building. Biting the bullet we paid more for a two bedroom because we wanted to encourage members of our family to visit us. I heard Johns rap on the door. They were a few minutes early. I opened the door expecting to see only John coming to collect us, but standing next to him was Penny. She looked gorgeous in her dark purple sheath dress with matching peau de soie high heels that made me want to smooth my hands over her beautifully sculptured ankles and calves. I invited them in to compliments about how cute our apartment was. Charie came out of the bedroom, putting on her left earring. Both John and Penny looked her up and down then complimented her dress. John asked if he could use the bathroom and disappeared. We didnt sit down because we had to leave for our 7:30 reservations. As he came back through the kitchen John said," Two bedrooms; nice. Wish we had two bedrooms. This would be a great place for a party. Have you had overnight guests?" He seemed to want to cover a lot of bases. Then, looking at Penny, he said with a chuckle, "If we had two bedrooms we could sleep around." Penny saw the quizzical looks on our faces and offered, "He means we could fuck in one bedroom tonight and then the other tomorrow night." Charie wasnt used to coarse language coming from such a consummate church lady, having grown up under the strictures of a religious household herself. She only used it as an action word in the heat of passion in the privacy of our bedroom. Her cheeks turned red, and I wasnt sure whether she was embarrassed, or turned on. But from her body language I could see that the anticipation had taken its toll. Then she dumbfounded all of us, especially me, when she said, looking at John, "Well maybe we could just order a pizza, and you and Penny could try out one of our bedrooms while were waiting for it to be delivered." John and Penny looked at each other thinking that Pennys remark was made sarcastically. It appeared that John was castigating Penny with his eyes. Her eyes clouded with remorse and she responding, "Oh Charie, I apologize. I dont know what got into me. Im not usually this crude. She reached for Charies hand and said, "Will you forgive me honey?" I was amazed at the whole turn of events. Pennys use of the word "fuck" in our presence had an aphrodisiac effect on me. Even though I was eager for an exchange I thought perhaps we were wrong about our new friends, that the issue of sexual intimacy between couples was just a wives tale. Our suppositions were way off base. This whole thing was probably going to blow up in our faces, and after tonight