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As you know from my other stories, John and I have mutually agreed to my extra-marital affairs provided he knows in advance, and I divulge the complete details of the encounter, assuming he did not witness the event, which has happened on one occasion. Even though he witnessed a tryst between a golf buddy and me, we still find it exciting when John asks me about my feelings and thoughts while I was fucking and sucking his friend. In the telling we both find it enhances our love making, and the bond between us.
From a rather naïve and conservative approach of selecting and staging events designed to target on person, we have become more spontaneous, and have agreed that sometimes opportunities arise that we did not anticipate, and rather than pass, we would improvise. So without discussing the plan in advance, I was given the green light to do whatever I wanted if the opportunity existed.
A few months ago, that happened. Since some of the men we had targeted were friends or acquaintances, it was not unusual to run into one of them at some social gathering, it was always made clear to the person I had sex with, that it was a one-time event, resulting from alcohol and the circumstances, and would not be repeated. Aside from an occasional comment, none of the men had ever made another effort toward me.
It was at a Halloween Party a few months ago. The party was at the home of a friend, (not a former partner).
I dressed in a sexy outfit, not because we had a plan, in fact we didn't even know who all the invited guests were, but because John takes pride and satisfaction in watching other men hit on me. I must admit it is flattering when you can solicit and get men to pay attention to you, and not have to feel guilty, especially as we grow older. In addition to turning-on John, it is an ego-booster for me that most women my age do not get.
My outfit was a Daisy Mae costume, consisting of a short denim skirt (with split-crotch black bikini panties) and a peasant top of white cotton with red polka dots, and an elastic gathered neckline and short-sleeves (no bra). I had painted freckles on my face, and wore a yellow wig with pigtails. When going without a bra I just have to be careful how I walk so my tits don't bounce and sway when I don't want them to. John had on farmer's coveralls, plaid shirt, and straw hat.
Because of our arrangement, John and I do not follow each other around or stand together at parties. While we keep an eye on each other, we separate, and seldom get back together at parties. This makes me more approachable and gives John the opportunity to watch as I flirt, and how the men react.
Being the social butterfly I am, I quickly made the rounds of everyone in short time. Most of the women I could identify, as well as a good number of the men. Within an hour several of the men and possibly one woman has rubbed my ass, and/or rubbed against my tits. The party was off to a good start in my opinion.
I found the punch to be very tasty, and very potent. Four or five glasses later I could feel the effect, and was getting horny and drunk at the same time. Both seem to go together. Once it happens, my pussy begins to twitch, and contract, sending electric shocks throughout my body. My tits also crave to be touched. It's as if my body parts were entities with a mind and need of their own. At times like this, if I could, I would run my hand between my legs and finger my pussy and squeeze my tits. At a party that's not too practical so the only thing that would make it better would be to find someone to do it for me.......
When the alcohol and sex kick in I must emit double or triple the pheromones one normally would. I'm like an animal in estrus. Males seek me out in a crowd and begin making advances and overtures they may not have done otherwise. John has told me I have a special sort of sexual signal I give off, whether I think I am doing it or not. It's like the attention they show and my reaction feed off one another.
I sometimes wonder if I would be this way with or without John's support. I know I love him, and would never intentionally do anything that would jeopardize our marriage, but I think I am helpless to resist at times. Call it insecurity, or a need to please, whatever it is, I love the attention and the sexual tension it creates. I would say the emotional high is more satisfying than the sex, but I do love the intimacy. I love being touched, kissed and caressed and the feeling of being wanted. I don't think that is so different from anyone wants. Right or wrong, normal or not; it works for me, and I can live with that.
So here I am, in heat, in a roomful of people, now what. In the past, John and I usually had a plan, and a target; tonight I'm on my own. I headed for the restroom, once inside, checked myself, and touched up my makeup. I liked the outfit, cute and sexy at the same time. The skirt came just above my knees, not as high as I would like, but I did have to be a little conservative around all these people. Personally, I wish it barely covered my ass, so my pussy would be easy to get to, but not very practical. I reached under my skirt and slid my hand up to touch my pussy. With crotch less panties, I easily slid my fingers between the lips of pussy and began to slowly finger myself. Damn, I love the way my pussy feels. Reluctantly I withdrew my hand and raising my fingers to my nostrils, smelled my pussy before putting them in my mouth, as I licked each clean. I also love the way my pussy tastes and smells.
I left the restroom and began checking out the men. With masks you either can't tell who you're hitting on, or what they look like, a decided disadvantage.
As I stood there looking around a hand rested on my shoulder.
"Are you looking for someone?" A voice behind me said.
I turned and found myself facing a man a little taller than me, wearing a surgical suit, complete with stethoscope and surgical mask. Even though half his face was exposed, I did not recognize him and felt it was probably someone at the party I had never met. That was a good sign.
"Not really, just checking out the costumes." I replied.
His gaze ran from my tits down to my feet and back to my tits before looking me in the eye, "I find your outfit to be quite......interesting." He said.
"What? This ol' thing." I said as I raised a finger to my dimple and titled my head while smiling like a good ol' Southern gal.
He laughed.
"Let me buy you a drink." He said as he extended his arm.
I took his arm and followed him to the bar.
"What'll it be?" he asked.
"You're the doctor, I'll let you prescribe."
"Ah, the perfect patient." He said as he poured me a glass of wine, and fixed a scotch for himself. "Shall we go sit down where it's a little quieter and we can talk. Strictly doctor to patient."
He guided me down the hall to a room with double sliding doors. He opened the doors to a den. We entered and he closed the doors behind us. There was no one in the room and we moved to the large sofa facing a fireplace that had a nice fire going.
Raising his glass in a toast we touched glasses, "Here's to Daisy Mae and good health." He lowered his mask just enough to take a drink as I took a sip of my wine.
"I don't know you." I said as I studied his features. "You don't live in the neighborhood for sure."
"No. I'm a guest of a neighbor. I am in town on business, staying at their house for a couple of days."
"The doctor suit, you rented it?"
"No. My host is a doctor, I am borrowing the clothes."
That wasn't much help since there are usually several doctors at these parties. "So, what do you do?" I asked. As I asked the question I turned to the right, facing him. In doing so, I put my leg closest to him on the couch and crossed that ankle with my other leg. In that position my left leg was still on the floor, and my right leg was at a right angle. Kinda in the shape of the number 4. The position allowed my legs to spread as far as my skirt would allow. It showed a lot more leg, but not enough for him to see my pussy, though he did glance down when I changed position.
"I am a salesman, and here to see a major account. The day after tomorrow I'll be flying back to Phoenix."

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We continued the small talk for several minutes. The mask was proving to be a problem so he removed it as we talked and he worked on his drink. He was good looking.
"What about you? You are obviously from this neighborhood. Are you married? Is your husband here?"
"Yes, I live in the neighborhood, I am married, and my husband is here. He's dressed as the farmer."
"Ah, I remember seeing him. Do you think we should be getting back, your husband might be looking for you?" he asked.
"No, that's not necessary; it's nice to be away from the crowd and noise for a while."
He reached over, putting his hand on my knee, as if he was about to get up. "Would you like me to get you another glass of wine?"
I placed my hand on top of his, holding it where it was, "No. Not just yet."
I sat my glass of wine on the coffee table and holding his hand on my knee with one hand, put my other hand on his shoulder and pulled him toward me as our lips met. I have known a few good kissers, but when our lips met, it was as though his lips were softer than mine, and our lips became one. It was the most incredible feeling. I'm sure my heart skipped a beat or two. I kept kissing and separating, then kissing again. Each time it was the same.
As we kissed he put both arms around me and pulled me to him until he was prone on the couch, with me on top. We continued kissing as he pulled my skirt up and began to explore my ass... His fingers found the opening of my panties and he was soon rubbing my pussy as we continued kissing. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my stomach, but because I was on top I could not get my hands between us.
I finally pushed my self up. My skirt was around my waist, one leg was between his the other hanging off the side of the sofa. I raised myself on the knee that was between his legs, and pulled my arms out of the sleeves of my blouse and pulled the top down to my waist, exposing my tits. I then reached the waist of his surgical pants, and with his cooperation, pulled them down to his thighs, exposing his hard erect cock.
I took it in my hands and began to explore it with my fingers, tracing the veins, circling the head of his cock, down the shaft, and playing with his balls.
When drops of pre-cum began to appear at the tip of his cock, I bent down and licked each off.
"Don't stop there." he moaned, "Suck it."
"Not till you've fucked me." I said as I stood up. I took his hand and helped him to a sitting position on the couch. I was standing in front of him with my skirt and top around my waist, so I spread my legs leaned forward, over him, with my hands on the back of the couch. My tits were hanging in his face and he began to suck them. While he sucked my tits he grabbed his cock and began to stroke it.
I let him suck my tits and stroke his cock till I decided it was time to put it in my pussy. I kept my hands on the back of the sofa, so he could continue sucking my tits, while I knelt on the sofa, straddling him. Once above his cock I began to lower myself. He held his cock and guided it into my pussy. Once in, he reached behind me, pulled me down on his cock as he thrust it in me.
He was sucking my tits as I slowly rode his cock. He had both hands on my ass as I raised and lowered myself on his cock.
"Oh yes.....suck my tits....." I cried. As I watched him suck my tits as they bounced with every movement I became more turned on as I gradually began fucking him faster and faster. Finally he had to let go of my ass to grab my tits, otherwise he couldn't get them in his mouth. My nipples had been hard since that first kiss. He was an expert at tit sucking. He took my nipples in his mouth and rolled it around with his tongue, and then flicked his tongue up and down on the nipple, then he would take as much tit is his mouth as he could and suck it. Even with my tit filling his mouth he could still run his tongue over my nipple.
God it felt good. His cock was filling my cunt, and he was still as hard as he had been five minutes ago.
We fucked like this for several minutes when he said, "Get off and turn around......I want to fuck you with your back to me."
I rose up reluctantly because I loved the way he was sucking my tits. I turned around and getting back on my knees, I lowered myself on his cock again.
"Lean forward and put your hand on the coffee table."
It was like being on my hands and knees, but instead of him thrusting his cock in me, I controlled the action by raising and lowering myself on his cock. He put his hands on my hips and guided me up and down.
His cock was finding another part of my pussy, it felt good, but I knew I was not going to cum this way.... I looked down as I fucked him, my tits were swaying to and fro, and in time with my strokes...God I wanted to cum....He fucked me in this position for several more minutes before he pushed me forward until his cock came out.
Once out, I stood up as he lay back on the sofa. He wanted me to straddle him again, facing away from him. I turned and climbed on the sofa again, straddling him. I could feel his cock against my thighs, as I reached down to guide it in my pussy. Once in I leaned forward on my hands and knees, and began fucking his cock by raising and lowering my pussy over his hard cock. It was a comfortable position and I could fuck him as fast and deep as I wanted. I knew he was enjoying the sight of my cunt and ass as I raised and lowered my hips, fucking him.
After a few minutes of moaning and sighing, he grabbed my hips to stop me. "Oh God I loved watching you as we fucked, but you have to stop before I cum......."
As I rose up, his cock withdrew from my pussy with a sucking sound. Once out of my pussy he reached my hips and began pulling me back toward him.
On my hands and knees I began moving backward knowing what he wanted. Soon my pussy was directly over his face. He began licking me from my ass to my clit. Gently and lightly he licked my asshole, and my pussy, occasionally finding my clit. I found I could direct his tongue to whatever part I wanted him to lick or suck by moving my hips and tilting my pelvis.
I lowered my tits and rubbed them back and forth across his stomach as he continued to lick my ass and pussy. I could do this all night, but unless he concentrated on my clit I would never cum. I wanted to cum in the worst way. I wanted to cum in his mouth.
As I rubbed my tits on him, I continued to stare at his hard cock that had never wavered during the entire time. Leaning forward I took his cock in my mouth. As I lowered my head on his cock, I tilted my pelvis so he would have full access to my pussy and clit. He wrapped his arm around my hips to hold me as he ran his tongue in my pussy as he licked and sucked it.
His cock was perfect for sucking. I can take the entire length in my mouth, down to the end of the shaft. After first licking the tip of his cock a few times, I lowered my head slowly taking it all in my mouth. I knew he liked it. Every time I took it all the way in my mouth he would momentarily quit sucking my pussy to enjoy the feel of his cock being fully consumed. Once all the way in I would stop to let him enjoy the feeling. As I began to withdraw his cock, he started licking and sucking my pussy again.
I supported myself with one arm, while I sucked his cock and played with his balls with my free hand. Occasionally I would stop sucking him, take his cock out of my mouth, and stroke his cock as if I were going to jack him off, then resume my cock sucking.
Neither of us could talk with our mouths busy, there was plenty of moaning and mmmmmmming.
When he began to thrust his cock deeper and faster in my mouth I knew it wouldn't be long before he came. He knew it too. The urge to cum caused him to attack my pussy with a passion. He could feel my muscles began to tighten, as I began rocking in motion with my bursts of pre orgasmic shocks. I was about to cum. He could feel it, and he began timing his sucking and licking to my heartbeat and pre orgasm pulses.
That sent me into near hysteria as I sucked his cock as fast and deep as I could. I wanted him to cum in my mouth. To fill my mouth with cum.
It happened at the same time. We both had our first orgasmic spasm at the same time, causing us both to momentarily stop what we were doing. But it only lasted a split-second till we resumed again. I would go down on his cock anticipating the next shot of warm cum. As he shot another load in my mouth I would pull up, as if pulling the cum from his cock. As soon as he shot it in my mouth I would go down to the base and pull up the next load.
While I was draining his cock, he was being soaked by my cum. He had trouble keeping my pussy to his mouth as I jerked and squirmed while cuming. As a result I came on his mouth and face. It was one of those soaking orgasm, where it almost seems like I am peeing. I soaked him; his face, his hair; he was covered with my cum.
I held his cock in my mouth long after he had quit cumming and his cock had begun to shrink, while he licked my ass and pussy clean.
When it was over, we got up, rearranged ourselves, and returned to the party. I never did learn his name, nor did he ever ask mine.