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progress and promised to show us her ideas for them tomorrow in the light of day. Back down in the living room, Louise poured us all some wine to unwind. She insisted that Doug try out the recliner chair. It was a couch commanders dream, with heated seat and back and had five different vibrator patterns to play with. Fifteen minutes of girl-talk, that glass of wine and his eyelids were drooping. I cleared my throat loudly and his eyes popped open. Mr. Mellow looked around and said, "Ladies, I dont know if its the wine or my medication, but I cant stay awake a minute more." By the time I changed into my pajamas, he was in dreamland. So I tiptoed out and tapped on Louises bedroom door. It seemed she was expecting me. She pulled me into her room, squashed her little breasts into mine and planted that busy tongue into my mouth once more. When she felt my breaths quicken, she broke off her embrace, then scanned down over my abdomen. Figuring shed like to continue on where wed left off, back down in the kitchen, I unbuttoned my top, and then stretched out the waistband of my satin bottoms. She shoved her hand down inside, and then pressed her middle finger firmly against my vulva. After twenty seconds of steady pressure, my muscles relaxed and I felt her finger slide into my little pink cave. We smooched passionately again and in less than a minute, I felt three more tiny fingers join the first. I undid her belt and spread open that familiar judo robe, to find her nipples and clitoris ring were already laced together with her little black glasses cords. I took hold and pulled out where they joined at her waist and led her, as she loved, to her bed with her little leashes. I pulled off my top, tugged down my bottoms and pushed her back onto her bed. I put one knee on the bed beside her, then swung the other leg over so I was on top, in position and ready to give her the thorough tongue-lashing she deserved. I tilted my head down, stuck my tongue out as far as I could and stabbed it right into her wet little vulva. We hungrily licked and slurped each others pussies for the longest time, but heard a creaking noise from across the hall that perked up my ears. My eyes shot up toward my room and I watched the door slowly creak open, all by itself. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light in our room, I could make out Dougs reflection in our mirrored closet door, looking back at me. Oh my God, my husband had caught me, with my tongue stuck in my girlfriends pussy! Through my brain rang, "Bad girl, bad girl, were gonna catch you, Bad girl!" to the tune of the "Cops" TV show theme. For some reason, spreading Louises vulva and jabbing my tongue back in seemed

Crazy Hot Milfs - Sample Screenshots:

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Crazy Hot Milfs #1

Crazy Hot Milfs #2

Crazy Hot Milfs #3

Crazy Hot Milfs #4

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the most obvious thing to do. As I licked away, that stupid jingle kept playing in my head. Hassling Doug for peeking seemed the next best thing to do, so I lifted my head up, wagged my finger at him and mouthed, "Youre bad!" Taken aback, Doug shook his head, pointed his finger directly at me and mouthed back, "No, youre bad!" Looking for forgiveness, I looked him straight in the eye and with all possible conviction, mouthed, "I love you!" He nodded, to show what I hoped was his support, so I pleadingly mouthed, "Watch!" As I rolled off Louise, I plucked my trusty KY tube out of my robes pocket then sprawled back diagonally up from the foot of the bed. I whispered to Louise, "Hey there gynecologist Lady, Ive got that itch back again, so dont you think you should check it out?" She raised her eyebrows at my suggestion, then grinned and shook her head when I handed the vaginal lubricant to her. Blood pounded up the back of my neck as I watched her shimmering little hand approach my pussy. Once again, I felt the pleasure of her slim fingers slide into my vulva. I gazed into her eyes and saw the unmistakable look of love. In an instant, I saw loves sparkle change to lusts intensity and felt her thumb squeeze in beside her four fingers. I felt her ever-increasing pressure push the folds of my labia into my vulva, then gasped when her bumpy cluster of fingers started to twist back and forth. As she ground her hand in deeper, I glanced down between my legs and caught my husbands reflection from the next room. I humped my hips a little to loosen up. After a few seconds, I closed my eyes and rolled my head back to the left in passion. A soft vision of that border guards beautiful black eyes flashed in my brain. My eyes popped open and I was startled by what I saw! The mirrored closet doors at the end of her bed spanned the most of the wall. For some reason my mind perceived the reflections as a voyeurs glimpse into another dimension, much like Alices Wonderland. I saw a bizarre image of a naked, matured Alice, lying spread-eagled on a bed. Beyond her was a kneeling pixie-like woman, whose reddened face was intensely watching her hand enter Alices genitals. I looked back at Pixies arm, saw it slow its gyrations and then saw it push strongly ahead. I felt a searing, stretching pain as I watched her hand sink deeper into Alices vulva. My eyes shot down between my legs and focused on another looking-glass image. An equally red-faced male voyeur, wearing perhaps a White Rabbit suit was staring back at me. One paw steadied him as he perched on the edge of his bed, while his other paw squeezed his exquisitely bloated penis. I gave Rabbit my sultriest look and began to hump my hips ever so slightly. A few seconds of