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the evening, to draw my attention away from my piercing, she encouraged me to torture her tender bits in any way I saw fit. She dumped out her entire drawer of pleasure toys on the bed and urged me to, "Just do me as rough as you want!" How could I rough up the person who pleased me in ways I never dreamed of? My clitoris felt no worse than a tooth after being filled so I chose to leave what I knew would be a more lasting memory with my little sweetheart. I got up, fetched a comb and her battery bikini trimmer and prepared for the shearing! I made Louise lay sideways back on the edge of her bed and dangle her legs down over the side. I put a towel under her bum, a pillow on the floor, kneeled down between her spread legs then took up her comb in my left hand. I combed deeply through her pubic hairs then slid the comb as close as I could against one side of her labia. With my right hand I clicked on the electric shaver and grinned as the smelly, sticky hairs fell away. I repeated her fleecing along the other side of her labia then skimmed down the insides of her thighs. I combed and buzzed away the soft down where her rounded little buttocks grew from her crotch then crept back up to her clitoral hood. With her comb as my protective guide I ever so carefully tapered up the underside of her mound to her curly brown thicket. I neatened up and tapered out its edges then thinned out the tangled triangle of kinky hairs. At that point, I blew the bulk of the clippings down onto the towel then put on her reading glasses to examine my workmanship. What looked OK while I was shearing now looked sparsely patchy through the magnifying lenses of her glasses. I took off the shavers guard for the close shave my project obviously needed then with the utmost of care shaved off the patches of stubble. So intent was my concentration, it wasnt until I detail-trimmed the lower folds of her labia that I noticed a creamy droplet oozing from her provocatively dilated little pink clamshell. I put down the comb, buzzed the backside of the shaver against her clitoris briefly then collected up her trickled down sap with the tip of my tongue. I nabbed that big fluffy makeup brush from her bureau and swept down the last of the clippings. I could see that with all that protective hair removed, she was already feeling pleasures forgotten since puberty, for her cup seemed to be running over! The more I brushed, the more her sap ran. I lapped up what now tasted like virgin olive oil. With gusto I slathered clean the delicate fringe of her newly beardless clam, knowing I had successfully achieved my intent. I knew every move she would make and every step she would

Hot Ass Milfs - Sample Screenshots:

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Hot Ass Milfs #1

Hot Ass Milfs #2

Hot Ass Milfs #3

Hot Ass Milfs #4

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take while wearing any kind of panties would tickle her labia stubble and drive her absolutely crazy with lust for me for the next four months!!! "Well, the appetizer was fun but when does rough stuff come? Ive been mean and I deserve a little quality punishment now, dont you think?" Louise taunted as she felt her baby smooth pubes. I searched through the stuff on the bed, found her eyeglasses string and snared her teats with it. I clipped the clasp of a fine gold necklace chain onto her clit ring and then hooked the other end onto the glasses cord. Each time I tugged on the chain, to jerk her nipples and clit, the little devil just took it all in stride and actually appeared to be enjoying my abuse. To show her who was boss, I gave her a long steady pull, stretching her teats and clitoris as far as they would go. Wouldnt you know it; she just loved that as well! Taking a new direction for my vengeance, I undid her nipples and clit from their bondage. I grabbed onto those huge teats, squeezed them flat and then twisted them around in opposite directions. This time, a lusty grin was her only reaction. Next, I took hold of her little clit hoop, twisted it back and forth and then finally wound it up clockwise like a key on a stuffed toy. This only managed to produce a sluttish moan. Frustrated, I picked up her incredible gold vibrator. I plugged it in, lubed it up and set it for maximum expansion. I spread her labia with my fingers to ease insertion of the mighty vibrator but she was already sopping wet. When it slid into her with one easy thrust, she gave me a really sluttish smirk. "Thisll wipe that saucy look off your face!" I said as I flicked on the vibrator. It shook her fleshy little labia like jelly, then it immediately bloated up, I swear as big as a cucumber. Indeed, that did wipe the grin off Louises face and replaced it with a look of terror until the dildo clicked and shrank down. After a few seconds, it clicked again and began to expand once more. Louise arched her back and dug her fingers into the sheets as the vibrator shook and stretched her pussy. Again the machine clicked and deflated. After three pulses, the fear in her eyes transformed to lust. Each time the vibrator ravaged her poor little pussy, her level of ecstatic pleasure visibly rose. Her beet-red teats swelled up like bumpy overripe raspberries from their aureoles and her little gold hoop poked straight up out of her clit each time her labia was expanded by her glorious machine. She seemed to be developing an insatiable lust for extreme sexual stimulation and was obviously caught up in some weird sadomasochistic trance. I shut the vibrator off and pulled it out but her pussy remained hugely dilated and limp appearing. Thoroughly appalled at