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finally got through all the red tape and was escorted to his bed, I just about cried. He was hooked up to beeping monitors, intravenous bags, an oxygen mask and even a little gizmo clamped to his finger. Every few minutes an automatic blood pressure monitor would whir and buzz. When I squeezed his hand, his eyes fluttered and opened briefly. He looked up at me drowsily, squeezed my hand back and then drifted back to sleep again. I stood there by the bed and just watched him breathe. His face and hands were pale and he looked so fragile that I was afraid to disturb him again. After a few minutes, a doctor carrying a chart came in and introduced himself. He explained that my husband had probably suffered a minor heart attack but it would take a couple of hours for enzyme tests to confirm his diagnosis. He assured me that Doug was in the finest of care and urged me not to worry. Easy for him to say! The doctor told me to go home and relax so Dougs heart could rest. Once back at home I really tried to keep my anxieties under control. Id been trying my very best not to obsess over Louises lengthy absence. Her mother had become gravely ill in early May. She passed away on Mothers Day but Louise stayed on to straighten up her mothers affairs and see about her inheritance. I hadnt heard from her in five days and I needed her so much. I couldnt stand it any longer and phoned Quebec. I told her about Doug, told her I loved her and missed her and she promised shed be back soon. She said she had a couple of details to look into concerning her mothers house and reminded me to water her plants. Ten minutes after I hung up, I started to cry. Id never felt so alone in all my life. The kids were supportive but there was no way they could mend my breaking heart. I went next door to Louises looking for some comfort in her bedroom. All I found in there were shadowy memories of our lusty games. I tried to console myself with the gold vibrator but guilt and worry over Doug made it difficult to find pleasure with her fabulous toy. I searched through her erotic book drawer and found the big white briefs I gave her for our Elvis romp. Determined to find comfort somehow, I took her panties back home. Back in my lonely apartment, I picked up the shirt Doug was wearing in the pool and sniffed it. It still carried his scent and I felt compelled to have it close to me. I stripped off all my clothes and put on his big cotton shirt. I immediately felt that at least a part of him was there with me so it also seemed logical to seek out a part of Louise as well. I picked up and sniffed her panties. I

Hot Mature Milfs - Sample Screenshots:

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Hot Mature Milfs #1

Hot Mature Milfs #2

Hot Mature Milfs #3

Hot Mature Milfs #4

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convinced myself that the yellow stain on their crotch still retained a faint but perceptible essence of her. I reminded myself it was my actions that put that dried up patch right there. It came to me that if a drink of hot water and rye whisky plus my own hot lemon juice were shaken together, it might make that stale honey come alive again and flow into a Hot Toddy to lessen my misery. I pulled on Louises starchy panties, mixed up a mug of hot water, a shot of liquor and a teaspoon of sugar then climbed into my bed. My cure for loneliness worked just fine. I downed the booze and three minutes of buzzing away with my little hand vibrator melted our pussy juices together into a slippery goop that saturated the whole crotch of Louises panties. My initial orgasm came while I concentrated on the safe and secure manly scent of Dougs shirt. After a few minutes recovery, a faster, stronger round of vibrations pushed Louises creamy juices up into me. The thought of our fluids reuniting so homogeneously made me feel ever so complete. I slid my hand down inside the hot nylon panties and shoved in three fingers to check the progress of my recipe. Her creamy honey and my hot lemon pussy juice had mixed so perfectly in my pink little mug, that only a few more seconds of clit buzzing sent me into a second shuddering orgasm. . Dougs cardiologist called me the following morning, informed me his enzymes were indeed elevated, confirming hed had a heart attack. Anxiety and tearful conclusions clouded my drive to the hospital. Doug was still quite pale and lethargic. I was told that the clot busters, blood thinners and blood pressure medications would cool him right down for a couple of months. I was told that a nuclear Thallium scan was necessary today to determine the extent of Dougs heart damage. The following day I rode by ambulance up to the City for an Angiogram. After the 45-minute procedure took 90 minutes, I was beside myself with worry, especially after that doctor showed me images of the two 90% blockages! He explained how theyd ballooned down the cholesterol lumps and installed two Stents to strengthen Dougs weakened arteries. On the positive side, he concluded that my husband could avoid imminent Bi-Pass surgery if he abandoned his unhealthy lifestyle. In less than twenty-four hours, I was forced through a crash course in heart disease and was then left to pick up the pieces of my life. Two more gut-wrenching days of tests showed that damage to his heart muscle was minimal, thank God. The following day, the life-style changes were explained to us. Low fat diets, rest, life-long medications, careful exercise and reduced stress were understandable but no sex for three months. How could I ever survive that? The day before Doug was to be released, I thought my salvation had been found. Louise was back. I