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and forth to loosen myself up. Upon hearing the usual rude slurping noises emanating from my pussy, I carefully began to pump the pedals. Standing up on the pedals, I pumped hard, as one does while bicycling up steep hills. That produced a rhythmic bobbing action in my hips. That motion resulted in a gloriously smooth, seven inch long thrust up and down the dildo. Between Louises locket flopping my clit around and my big spongy Johnston plunging away at my pussy with each and every pump of the pedals, I was sure Id found heaven. Following my routine, I went next door to Louises to water her plants. Sitting at her computer, I smugly contemplated what had assuredly been the most superlative week of depravity and self-indulged sexual gratification in the history of the world! I thought briefly about going to church to seek forgiveness or enrolling in therapy for sexually obsessed sluts like me. Last week, however, had certainly been a new awakening in my sexuality so Im forgiving myself all my sins by blaming Louise for my addictions. I was a good little wife and mother until I met up with her. Im wondering if theres a chat room on the Internet for fallen women. Oh lookie here, A Valentines Day message pour moi! With great anticipation I read: "Oh Laura, I need you so badly. Ive just returned from the funeral parlor after making the arrangements. Theres a terrible winter storm raging outside and my brother is unsure if our cousins from Gaspe will be able to get here for Mothers burial. It will be a few weeks before everything is settled here so Ill bring you a pretty little Valentine present you can touch and taste before the end of the month. I love you so much that just the thought of you makes me quiver! Dougs birthday began exactly as I anticipated. The hype and advertising for the Stanley Cup had been increasing for days and he was primed for Sundays game. I was reminiscing about New Years days events. Memories of lust and desire, excitement and disappointment began to fill my mind. I took stock of the years activities and found myself amazed at the depravity I had experienced in these few short months. Being Sunday morning, I decided to repent and come to grips with my sins. I tried my best all morning to ignore all of my nagging clits pleas for attention by putting all my energy into my turkey dinner. At supper Doug ate and ate with gusto, not slowing down until he devoured a second big slice of chocolate cake. The game played on but after about half an hour of fast moving action, he got out of his chair, stretched and said he needed to get a little exercise. He said he still felt stuffed and could use a little fresh air. I was finishing off the dishes about ten minutes later when the phone rang. It was Doug. He said he

Hot Milfs Fucked - Sample Screenshots:

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Hot Milfs Fucked #1

Hot Milfs Fucked #2

Hot Milfs Fucked #3

Hot Milfs Fucked #4

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was next door in our condos indoor swimming pool and asked me to bring some towels. I went next door as he asked but when I got to there, a sign saying "Closed for Maintenance", hung on the doorknob. I turned the knob and the door opened but when I went into the pool complex, it was in darkness except for the underwater lights. "Lock the door, weve got the whole thing to ourselves!" echoed Dougs voice from the deep end of the pool. I clicked the lock as he said and strolled down to where he was treading water. "Come on in, the waters fine!" he beckoned. I pointed out that I had no bathing suit to wear and he said, "Are you to old to have a skinny dip with your husband or just plain chicken?" I looked down at him in the shimmering blue water, saw his white abdomen, his pubic hair and a little pink protuberance and considered the dare. I whipped off my clothes and jumped into the water. We laughed and splashed and carried on like we were twenty again. When I jumped up and dunked his head under, he swam around behind me. He dove down, put his head between my legs and hoisted me up out of the water on his shoulders. I giggled as he bounced me up and down. I shrieked when he grabbed my feet and flipped me backwards into the warm water. No sooner than I got my hair out of my eyes, he flipped me again. I hadnt had so much fun with him in years. On the third hoist and flip, he bounced me up and down mercilessly. My poor breasts heaved up and then slapped down wetly against my ribs with each bounce. Between my excitement with our pool frolic and the air being cooler than the water, my nipples grew hugely erect and I suddenly started to shiver. My jaw shook, my teeth chattered and I was covered with goose bumps from head to toe. When Doug finally flipped me off his shoulders, I told him I was cold and needed to warm up in the hot tub. I got out of the pool, flipped off the cover and started up the Jacuzzi jets. The water was pretty hot when I climbed in so I immersed myself very gradually. I heard Doug grunt as he climbed out of the pool so I turned around to see what he was up to. I kneeled on a seat just in time to see the huge splash of the silly fools cannon ball coming at me. I ducked down to avoid the cool splash and thats when a Jacuzzi nozzles bubbly stream found my bare pussy! It blasted me only for a second but it "had me at hello". I moved in closer to the nozzle and spread my legs so that the jet hit me just right. Knowing Doug was unaware of what I was doing,