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his even stiffer protuberance slide back in along the hollow of my crotch! But I foiled his ploy by grabbing the showerhead hose and rinsing down all his sudsy delights, creating drag where he wanted lubricity! I spun around and turned the tables on him by soaping him up and down, and forward and back, in return with his Irish Spring. I took delight in foaming his penis till the suds flew, but when his face began to redden, I took even more delight in rinsing him down with considerably colder water than I used on myself! I zipped out of the shower, toweled myself dry and left my shocked, shivering, shriveled husband to whine. By the time he got back to the bedroom I was in the middle of my skin moisturizing routine. He must have had the water pretty hot after I hosed him down, for his skin was quite pink. His penis was also quite pink. In fact it was fat and somewhat erect. He lay back on the bed and watched me rub my baby oil and skin lotion mixture into my legs. My hands were still dripping in oil so I mischievously reached over and wiped the excess all over the pink knob peeking out of his bathrobe. Doug immediately brightened up and like a little kid said, "More please!" I obliged by dribbling a little more lotion down the back of his penis and rubbed that in. His penis had grown erect and bloated by the time the lotion started to soak in. I heard, "More please!" once more so that time I drooled lotion and baby oil together into my palm, pulled back his foreskin tightly with my other hand, then squeezed the slippery oil in, up and down the length of his penis. The next thing I knew, what felt like four slippery fingers, squeezed into my pussy. Unknown to me, Doug lubed up his fingers with lotion and just shoved them all in! I was in total shock for a while but when I felt his old thumb rub my clitoris, I regained my senses. When he stroked his bony fingers in and out, I noticed how silky smooth his skin had become after not working for a month. About the time I was starting to feel real good, I gave him a bunch of strong pumps and saw a little semen dribbled out his urethra. As I kept rubbing and squeezing, spurt after spurt gushed up and mixed with the lotion, making the stickiest, slimiest mess Id ever touched. It was all over my hands, his belly and pubic hair and I was just loving it. His madly flicking thumb jiggled the my clit ring just right, then I too, felt a most wonderful tremor tear down through my clitoris, rumble back through my vagina, shiver up through my chest and out through my nipples! The second spasm ripped through me and I felt my vulva squeeze down on his hard bony fingers. Being

Hot Naughty Milfs - Sample Screenshots:

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Hot Naughty Milfs #1

Hot Naughty Milfs #2

Hot Naughty Milfs #3

Hot Naughty Milfs #4

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unable to contract excited me more and I felt myself orgasm again. I looked over at Doug, saw semen still drooling from his penis and came once more! My eyes followed his forearm down between my legs and into my pussy and I quivered one last time. Dougs eyes shone much brighter blue than normal as he grinned and whispered, "I guess theres life left in me yet". We cuddled for a few minutes then, out of the nowhere he asked if Id heard from Louise. I guess I got a little choked up when I told him she was still pestering me to come visit. Doug raised his eyebrows briefly, and then blurted out, "Ive been getting cabin fever lately and I really need some fresh air so lets drive up to Quebec for the weekend and have a look around." Butterflies fluttered around in my chest just at the notion. "I see my doctor tomorrow and Ill make sure its all right to travel," Doug said assuredly. --------------------------------------------------- In less than a week we were admiring the scenery along the eastbound 401. It should have been a nice leisurely trip but somewhere after Kingston, Doug got bored with the scenery. I was reclining back in the front passenger seat, dreaming of Louise. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! I wanted to look nice for her so I wore my little see-through bra under a silky blouse. Sexy thoughts and the cool breeze blowing out of the dash vents made me shiver. Old Nosey at the wheel, must have noticed my nipples perking up. "Nice scenery!" he murmured, then reached over, squeezed my swollen teat and gave it a rough little shake. I ignored this invasion of my privacy but reminisced on how that annoying little gesture originated. I remembered back to our honeymoon trip to the Gaspe and how I foolishly wore a polka-dotted thin nylon halter-top for days. It was hot. The wind would billow it up constantly and tickle my nipples erect for hours at a time. The horny fool must have twisted my left nipple half-off that week. Nearly every vacation since, hes reinstated that stupid tradition and thats probably why my left teat is so much bigger than the right. I took over driving at the first rest stop in hopes that hed stop. I wanted my nipples rough and ready for Louise, not all tender and sensitive. I settled down, put the van on cruise and nurtured obscene thoughts while Doug dozed. The next thing I knew, I felt a cool finger tickling up the inside of my right thigh. Again, Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! I had worn a new short skirt to show off how thin Id become on Dougs low-fat diet. I squeezed my legs together so he couldnt get up any further. Foiled, he rummaged through the glove box like a little brat until he found a new yellow pencil. He held it by its unsharpened tip, stared at it a while and then smiled. Doug cleared his throat and