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take while wearing any kind of panties would tickle her labia stubble and drive her absolutely crazy with lust for me for the next four months!!! "Well, the appetizer was fun but when does rough stuff come? Ive been mean and I deserve a little quality punishment now, dont you think?" Louise taunted as she felt her baby smooth pubes. I searched through the stuff on the bed, found her eyeglasses string and snared her teats with it. I clipped the clasp of a fine gold necklace chain onto her clit ring and then hooked the other end onto the glasses cord. Each time I tugged on the chain, to jerk her nipples and clit, the little devil just took it all in stride and actually appeared to be enjoying my abuse. To show her who was boss, I gave her a long steady pull, stretching her teats and clitoris as far as they would go. Wouldnt you know it; she just loved that as well! Taking a new direction for my vengeance, I undid her nipples and clit from their bondage. I grabbed onto those huge teats, squeezed them flat and then twisted them around in opposite directions. This time, a lusty grin was her only reaction. Next, I took hold of her little clit hoop, twisted it back and forth and then finally wound it up clockwise like a key on a stuffed toy. This only managed to produce a sluttish moan. Frustrated, I picked up her incredible gold vibrator. I plugged it in, lubed it up and set it for maximum expansion. I spread her labia with my fingers to ease insertion of the mighty vibrator but she was already sopping wet. When it slid into her with one easy thrust, she gave me a really sluttish smirk. "Thisll wipe that saucy look off your face!" I said as I flicked on the vibrator. It shook her fleshy little labia like jelly, then it immediately bloated up, I swear as big as a cucumber. Indeed, that did wipe the grin off Louises face and replaced it with a look of terror until the dildo clicked and shrank down. After a few seconds, it clicked again and began to expand once more. Louise arched her back and dug her fingers into the sheets as the vibrator shook and stretched her pussy. Again the machine clicked and deflated. After three pulses, the fear in her eyes transformed to lust. Each time the vibrator ravaged her poor little pussy, her level of ecstatic pleasure visibly rose. Her beet-red teats swelled up like bumpy overripe raspberries from their aureoles and her little gold hoop poked straight up out of her clit each time her labia was expanded by her glorious machine. She seemed to be developing an insatiable lust for extreme sexual stimulation and was obviously caught up in some weird sadomasochistic trance. I shut the vibrator off and pulled it out but her pussy remained hugely dilated and limp appearing. Thoroughly appalled at

Hot Nude Milfs - Sample Screenshots:

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Hot Nude Milfs #1

Hot Nude Milfs #2

Hot Nude Milfs #3

Hot Nude Milfs #4

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what I had done to my darlings poor little pussy, I asked Louise if I had crossed the line into abuse like her ex-husband. She felt down, shoved her whole little hand into her pussy, drew it out then examined it closely. She looked down at her chest, smiled then replied, "My genitals dont seem to be bleeding at all and my breasts dont look all bruised up like they were when Marc was done with me. Everything you did was intense but most of it felt really good." The little minx! As I put away her toys, I came upon a set of tiny clear-glass bells with a rubber bulb on their little ends. I asked Louise what these ones for and she casually replied, "Why nipple torture, silly. You didnt think my nipples got this big without help, did you?" She pressed the mouth of the bell over my left nipple, squeezed the bulb once and then released it. My teat began to tingle like crazy and when I looked down, I was amazed to see it deep red and hugely bloated inside the bell! After a few moments, she squeezed the bulb again and pulled it off my nipple, which shrunk back to normal but stayed erect. She told me that if I suctioned my teats often enough, theyd get more sensitive and Id really get hooked on the sensation. However, she did warn me that my nipples might get embarrassingly erect really easily under silky blouses and camisoles if I didnt wear a cozy bra. My nipple stayed erect for half an hour and tingled for hours after! When Louise saw me staring intently at the rest of her toys, she told me to feel free to experiment while she was away then added, "Speaking of using each others belongings, would you think it kinky if I borrowed something of yours to wear when Im missing you?" "Of course not." I replied, thinking shed ask for something like a sweater of a scarf. "Could I have the panties you wore over today?" she asked cautiously. I suppose in our female comfort logic, this somehow seemed like a reasonable request. Instinctively, I sniffed my lacy back panties as I picked up and neatly folded them. When I told Louise I hoped they werent too gooey from fantasizing over her all afternoon, her sad dark eyes lit up. I told her they were great strolling panties because the scalloped lace at the leg openings teased your pubic hairs and the loose nylon on the seat tickled your bum as you walk along. We crawled back into bed and snuggled for a while. Up until now, our encounters had mostly been lust-based romps but this time it was different. With teary eyes, Louise lamented over our separation. For the last few months, hardly a week went by without some kind of contact between us. My situation wasnt as acute as hers, thankfully. I had a husband to be with and whenever I