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tunneled deeper. I felt steady pressure against my pubes and heat radiate through my vulva as my husband pushed but it occurred to me that I felt no searing sensations throughout of my vulva. I finally had to acknowledge his preoccupations with his penis, for Doug, indeed felt small. I couldnt help but think that adage should be changed to "Size doesnt matter, until youve felt really big!" As he stroked away, I realized how little I really felt. I wondered if impaling myself daily on my exercise bike, at sixty pumps a minute might have permanently stretched my vulva. Afraid hed want to really get at it, make a whole bunch of noise and then find out he couldnt cum because I was so loose, I whispered that I was kind of sore and suggested to old Hard-on that if hed pull it out and lie back, Id give him a treat. There was a box of Kleenex in the headboard, but I knew he just loved me jerking him off into my panties. The elastic by their crotch was pretty crusty from our little driving games that afternoon, so I carefully draped their clean front panel over his fat little penis. I sat myself up comfortably beside him so I could stroke him with gusto and get it over with quickly. I wrapped my fingers loosely around his penis and stroked the silky nylon up and down its shaft. I pulled down hard, squeezed back up lightly so the material caught under his foreskin and then jerked ferociously. Doug watched my hand with great intensity as it blurred up and down, but he didnt cum right away. I was hoping he would be satisfied with just being done his favorite way, but no, up the inside of my thigh tickled his fingertips. I spread my legs so he could have a little play. Not bothering with any preliminaries, he clustered all four fingertips, wet them in his mouth and just poked them right in! He swirled his big thick fingers a bit to juice me up and did they ever feel good. I tried my best to maintain my stroking, but he was pushing just like Louise!!! I summoned up all the saliva I could, spit it on my fingertips and then spread it all over his fingers. He pressed me, I pumped him and just like that, I felt his hand push in up to his thumb. Suddenly, I swore I felt his big thumb tuck into my pussy too. Id never been so excited in my life! I shivered and quivered, then relaxed my pussy as best I could. I wasnt sure that was enough to let him in, so I thought of Mr. Satisfaction. Twenty years ago, I saw a creepy little carnie running the Tilt-O-Whirl at the county fair. He was short, skinny, had long stringy hair and no left hand whatsoever. Like the sixteen-year old girl in front of me, I couldnt help but stare at his

Hot Old Milfs - Sample Screenshots:

Hot Old Milfs #3 Hot Old Milfs #4

Hot Old Milfs #1

Hot Old Milfs #2

Hot Old Milfs #3

Hot Old Milfs #4

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smoothly pointed stump. "Mr. Satisfaction?" she said, reading out loud the tattoo running up his forearm, "Why youre nothing but a slimy little freak!" The carnie held up his arm for her to see and said, "Twenty years from now, when you cant feel your husbands dick anymore because your pissy little cunts gotten all sloppy from having one too many babies, youll wish youd gotten to know me better! Fuckin doesnt get any better than this and if your mother saw this arm, shed be crawlin all over me!" I remembered the red-faced girl hustling away. I remembered wondering how many loose pussies hed really had his scrawny little forearm up rammed up, I remembered noticing his powerful left bicep and I realized the image of that got me just as wet as it did twenty years ago. I hadnt the courage to get to know Mr. Satisfaction either, but I did have a husband with an even thicker hand and I was ready for it! At that exact second, he moaned suddenly and I felt hot semen squishing between my fingers. I didnt know whether I was more disappointed that he stopped or relieved that he did. When Dougs breathing returned to normal, he cleared his throat softly and whispered, "You really thought I was going to try to fist you, didnt you?" My silent blush gave him his answer. "You silly woman, if through some miracle my hand had gone in, it would have ruined you for life!" he continued. My pulse was still quick and the blood pounded up the back of neck. I accepted that my mind was hopelessly addicted to the thrill of putting my body through some dirty new adventure, but letting him shut out my opportunity to achieve that last fantasy was more than I could bear. Dougs rule always was, "If it feels good, its not perverted!" What I craved might have turned out to be perverted, but I needed to find that out for myself! To ensure another opportunity, I blurted out, "On the contrary, I survived several internal exams by Dr. Loo, that pediatrician who delivered Michael twenty years ago and was neither excited nor in love with him." When he sleepily said, "Perhaps another time then," my heart skipped a beat! --------------------------------------------------------- The sun shone softly onto my face. Pulling the sheets over my head did little to shield my eyes. The clock beside me read 8:15 but I wanted to sleep more. Creaking steps from across the hall told me Louise was up and about, so I begrudgingly flipped off my covers, donned my robe and followed her downstairs. We drank coffee and chattered for three quarters of an hour or better until Doug sauntered into the kitchen. He was clean-shaven, dressed and said he was "ready to rip". During breakfast, Louise spoke of additional alterations her architect had suggested for the house. She pointed to a door on the back wall of the kitchen and explained she wanted to convert the old back