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and petrified there on the floor. The paramedic stared at the tape for a moment, then turned to me and asked me exactly what happened. As he wrote out his report, I related to him of how Doug got all pale and sweaty after swimming on a full stomach. As I told him that Doug was shivering with a cold sweat in the hot tub, his eyes wandered up and down between his pad and me. As I rambled on about how I got him out of the hot tub and covered him up, he nudged his partner and nodded toward me for some reason. That guy blushed a little, kneeled down in front of me and fiddled with some equipment on the floor as I told them how I fed him aspirins and did my best to keep him warm. The fellow writing told me Doug was stabilized now but they were taking him to the Special Care Unit to have some more tests done. When I thanked them for saving my husband, the younger fellow smiled and said, "The pleasures been all ours." The first paramedic whacked him and now they both blushed as they packed their gear. For the first time since theyd arrived, I looked down and saw that my breasts were almost completely out of my bodice! I buttoned up quickly and then realized my skirts were hiked up my thighs and my legs were spread wide apart! I finally realized that theyd undoubtedly seen all the way up to China. Then I remembered that "China" had no underwear on, was shaved bald as a babys bottom and was brandishing that shiny gold clit ring! The paramedics collapsed their gurney, lifted Doug onto it and then sprung it back up. They wrapped him snuggly in blankets and then loaded up their equipment. The older fellow talked to the dispatcher on his radio and then informed me they were admitting Doug at the hospital immediately and suggested I follow in my car. The younger paramedic handed me the clothes Id stuffed under Doug, smiled knowingly and suggested that I change into something dry and warm or I might catch a cold on this cool spring night. I thanked him graciously then blushed vividly when I saw hed carefully placed my bra and panties on the top of the pile. They crashed the gurney back out through the side door and were gone off into the night with my husband!!! I went back to my apartment, changed into a demure-looking outfit then drove over to the hospital. As I walked through the Emergency Department doors, I met the paramedics leaving the hospital. The older gentleman smiled, stopped and said to me, "Relax, you did well." He patted me on the shoulder and continued, "Getting those aspirins into him probably saved him from a lot of damage and you should be proud of yourself." He told me Doug would be pretty drowsy but hed know I was there. When I

Hot Older Milfs - Sample Screenshots:

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Hot Older Milfs #1

Hot Older Milfs #2

Hot Older Milfs #3

Hot Older Milfs #4

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finally got through all the red tape and was escorted to his bed, I just about cried. He was hooked up to beeping monitors, intravenous bags, an oxygen mask and even a little gizmo clamped to his finger. Every few minutes an automatic blood pressure monitor would whir and buzz. When I squeezed his hand, his eyes fluttered and opened briefly. He looked up at me drowsily, squeezed my hand back and then drifted back to sleep again. I stood there by the bed and just watched him breathe. His face and hands were pale and he looked so fragile that I was afraid to disturb him again. After a few minutes, a doctor carrying a chart came in and introduced himself. He explained that my husband had probably suffered a minor heart attack but it would take a couple of hours for enzyme tests to confirm his diagnosis. He assured me that Doug was in the finest of care and urged me not to worry. Easy for him to say! The doctor told me to go home and relax so Dougs heart could rest. Once back at home I really tried to keep my anxieties under control. Id been trying my very best not to obsess over Louises lengthy absence. Her mother had become gravely ill in early May. She passed away on Mothers Day but Louise stayed on to straighten up her mothers affairs and see about her inheritance. I hadnt heard from her in five days and I needed her so much. I couldnt stand it any longer and phoned Quebec. I told her about Doug, told her I loved her and missed her and she promised shed be back soon. She said she had a couple of details to look into concerning her mothers house and reminded me to water her plants. Ten minutes after I hung up, I started to cry. Id never felt so alone in all my life. The kids were supportive but there was no way they could mend my breaking heart. I went next door to Louises looking for some comfort in her bedroom. All I found in there were shadowy memories of our lusty games. I tried to console myself with the gold vibrator but guilt and worry over Doug made it difficult to find pleasure with her fabulous toy. I searched through her erotic book drawer and found the big white briefs I gave her for our Elvis romp. Determined to find comfort somehow, I took her panties back home. Back in my lonely apartment, I picked up the shirt Doug was wearing in the pool and sniffed it. It still carried his scent and I felt compelled to have it close to me. I stripped off all my clothes and put on his big cotton shirt. I immediately felt that at least a part of him was there with me so it also seemed logical to seek out a part of Louise as well. I picked up and sniffed her panties. I