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writing at community college, so compose me perhaps, a diary, a dirty diary that tells me what youve done, what you enjoyed and what you long for from me, to fulfill your desires and fantasies." I told him I could see my way clear to that, to which he added, "Just use first names in it and for Gods sake, dont ever let it out of your sight." In April Louises mother had a stroke and was not expected to recover. She felt obliged to go home. Once in her bedroom, Louise gave me a single tiny gold hoop earring. She said it was one of a pair shed bought for us to share. When she said she was already wearing hers, I looked high and low up both her ears, but found no matching hoop. She smiled impishly at me then lifted up her nightgown to show me the tiny gold earring pierced right through her bulging clitoris! I bent down for a closer look. Louise watched me intently as I reached out and touched it. She moaned softly when I hooked the tip of my fingernail through it and pulled down on it. Like a child with her favorite toy, I flicked my fingertip down over and over, giving her the worst case of wobbly knees you could ever imagine. I traced my other finger down her slit and by the time it reached the bottom, my finger was so wet with her sap, it just slipped right into her little pink hole. I furiously flicked that fingertip across the coarse textured skin of her G-spot while tugging incessantly on the hoop with the other. I felt her hot wetness trickle down my finger and puddle in my palm. After a few seconds of my unrelenting torture, she trembled and shuddered on quivering legs as wave after wave of orgasm ripped through her poor little body. After licking her creamy juices from my fingers, I remarked upon how good that ring through her clit obviously must feel. Louise rolled her eyes and said, " My sweetest, yours is going to keep you so aroused youll think of me every time you move." That said, she got a bowl off her dresser that contained a bottle of rubbing alcohol, a cigarette lighter, cotton swabs, latex gloves and a small curved sewing needle. I asked her what all this stuff was for, to which she replied, "Why, your piercing of course!" She continued, "This is a pierced earring Laura." When I stared at that menacing looking steel needle, Louise assured me that she knew exactly how to do it. She told me that shed done her own two weeks before and assured me Id hardly feel a thing. Apprehensively, I let Louise undress me. She passionately hugged and reassured me as she peeled off the last of my clothing. She had me lie back on her bed and spread my legs as wide as was comfortable. She turned around her reading light

Hot Sexy Milfs - Sample Screenshots:

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Hot Sexy Milfs #1

Hot Sexy Milfs #2

Hot Sexy Milfs #3

Hot Sexy Milfs #4

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and shone it on my pussy. Holding out a long handled mirror, she said, "I suppose youll want to watch." I focused the mirror so I could admire my still shaven, pink little pussy. She began swabbing lots of alcohol up and down my labia. She poured more rubbing alcohol into the bowl, pulled on her latex gloves like a doctor and then thoroughly bathed her fingers. Holding the eye of the needle with her fingertips, she picked up and lit the lighter with her other hand. She gingerly sterilized the curved needle with the flame and then dropped it into the alcohol dish. Likewise, she sterilized the earring with fire and alcohol and then spread Ambusol all over my clitoris with her fingertip, arousing it erect in the process. Louise put on her reading glasses then dipped a little rubber ball in the alcohol. She then pressed it between the folds of my labia, up against the underside of my clit and plucked the needle from the dish. She lightly poked the end of my clit with the tip of the needle but the Ambusol had done its job and I felt nothing. I watched her brace her clenched hand against my inner thigh and then carefully press the tip of the needle into the topside of my clitoris, right where it protruded from its hood. Satisfied she had it centered on my most erotic spot, Louise tilted the needle down towards my pubic mound then peeked at its angle of trajectory from the side. Seeing my face in the mirror watching her, she winked back at me and then explained, " For your clit to be perfectly pierced, the needle would have to exit a little closer to the tip." "Exit?" I wondered in curiosity just before a searing pain shot through me like a tiny bolt of lightning. Louise had pushed the needle right through my erect clit and buried it deeply into the rubber ball! Tears of terror welled up in my eyes when she pulled the rubber ball off, leaving me with the reality of this huge shiny stainless steel needle skewered right through my most vulnerable part. Realizing my pain, Louise immediately daubed more Ambusol on my clit. She quickly worked that immense needle back and forth, spreading the pain deadener into my screaming little wound! After a few a few seconds, the pain all but subsided. Louise then pulled most of that gigantic skewer through my shriveling clitoris. She deftly threaded the open pin-end of the earring just into the needles eye. Pulling on the needle while pushing on the earring in perfect synchronization, she drew the earring right through my mortally wounded little clit then clicked it closed. Louise dried my tears while apologizing for all the pain shed put my poor little clitoris through. She assured me that the pain wouldnt return as long as I kept it clean with alcohol and dulled with Ambusol for a few days. The rest of