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across my breasts as she hung it up in the hall closet. My husband just smiled at our matching hard nipples as he handed her his jacket. Louise took my hand and led me past the second floor staircase and down the hall into the kitchen . When Doug stepped into the washroom he noticed, just past the hall closet, I squeezed her hand and whispered back, "I need you so much too." She spun around, stood on tiptoes, grasped my head in her hands and planted a sultry kiss on my lips. Then she dropped her hands down, squeezed my nipples and murmured, "The nipples are ripe but is the pussy wet for me?" I lifted up my skirt with one hand and then stretched out the waistband of my panties so she could check for herself. Her hand pushed down inside my soggy underpants just as the toilet flushed. We pushed away from our embrace, just in time for the door to open. Doug walked out into the kitchen, looked us both over, frowned a little and then asked, "All right, what have you two been up to?" In unison, we both replied, "Nothing!" He raised his eyebrows, said, "You both are blushing a lot for doing nothing," then smiled at us. To change the subject, I told Louise I was ever so curious about the house and asked if she could give us a tour. She graciously walked us through the rest of the big kitchen, showed us the door leading down to the "dungeon". Louise showed us through the dinning room with its huge, eight setting hardwood table then we walked through the wide archway that led to the living room. To the left, along the center wall, she showed us a built-in bookcase and entertainment complex with a big screen TV and stereo sound system that made Dougs mouth water. At the end of the living room we walked through an archway leading back into the front door hallway and second floor staircase. Louise led us upstairs. The center hallways left doors led to two guest bedrooms. The rooms were pretty much mirror images of each other. They had mirrored-door closets and a shared washroom at the foot of their double beds. Each room had one night table, a built in chest of drawers and a chair by the window. Louise said the second one was brighter, so Doug put our luggage in it. At the end of the hallway, she told us the left door was a linen closet and the right door led upstairs to the attic. On the other side of the hallway, She opened the first door and showed us into her bedroom. It was similar, but opposite to ours, excepting where the chair was in our room, a small hallway led along the outside wall. It passed by a bathroom cabinet set with sink and her small personal toilet stall, into her living room. She told us the attic and basement were works in

Nude Hot Milfs - Sample Screenshots:

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Nude Hot Milfs #1

Nude Hot Milfs #2

Nude Hot Milfs #3

Nude Hot Milfs #4

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progress and promised to show us her ideas for them tomorrow in the light of day. Back down in the living room, Louise poured us all some wine to unwind. She insisted that Doug try out the recliner chair. It was a couch commanders dream, with heated seat and back and had five different vibrator patterns to play with. Fifteen minutes of girl-talk, that glass of wine and his eyelids were drooping. I cleared my throat loudly and his eyes popped open. Mr. Mellow looked around and said, "Ladies, I dont know if its the wine or my medication, but I cant stay awake a minute more." By the time I changed into my pajamas, he was in dreamland. So I tiptoed out and tapped on Louises bedroom door. It seemed she was expecting me. She pulled me into her room, squashed her little breasts into mine and planted that busy tongue into my mouth once more. When she felt my breaths quicken, she broke off her embrace, then scanned down over my abdomen. Figuring shed like to continue on where wed left off, back down in the kitchen, I unbuttoned my top, and then stretched out the waistband of my satin bottoms. She shoved her hand down inside, and then pressed her middle finger firmly against my vulva. After twenty seconds of steady pressure, my muscles relaxed and I felt her finger slide into my little pink cave. We smooched passionately again and in less than a minute, I felt three more tiny fingers join the first. I undid her belt and spread open that familiar judo robe, to find her nipples and clitoris ring were already laced together with her little black glasses cords. I took hold and pulled out where they joined at her waist and led her, as she loved, to her bed with her little leashes. I pulled off my top, tugged down my bottoms and pushed her back onto her bed. I put one knee on the bed beside her, then swung the other leg over so I was on top, in position and ready to give her the thorough tongue-lashing she deserved. I tilted my head down, stuck my tongue out as far as I could and stabbed it right into her wet little vulva. We hungrily licked and slurped each others pussies for the longest time, but heard a creaking noise from across the hall that perked up my ears. My eyes shot up toward my room and I watched the door slowly creak open, all by itself. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light in our room, I could make out Dougs reflection in our mirrored closet door, looking back at me. Oh my God, my husband had caught me, with my tongue stuck in my girlfriends pussy! Through my brain rang, "Bad girl, bad girl, were gonna catch you, Bad girl!" to the tune of the "Cops" TV show theme. For some reason, spreading Louises vulva and jabbing my tongue back in seemed