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enhance our understanding of your stories but my God, Laura; I was completely unprepared for your frankness. We took turns reading from your diary as the morning crept on. We were so surprised by your words that we completely ignored everything around us. Amy would raise her eyebrows and give me a goofy look of astonishment whenever you described each new sexual thrill. Her mouth dropped open and her eyebrows arched at your feeding Doug vegetables that youd been playing around with. I found that hearing myself utter your words brought out a side of me that I was unfamiliar with. The naive little girl inside of me listened to and learned from each line of your diary. By the time the final paragraph was read, our remaining innocence was lost. We sat in silence for a few moments to absorb fully what you had written. I told Amy we must get your computer back to you some how. It just wasnt right to steal and covet the most personal thoughts of another person. We agreed to have Brad make up some story, hand it in and have the police return your computer to you first thing Monday. I feel this written apology from us is in order for our invasion of your privacy. I began writing you and Amy decided to freshen herself up. When Amy returned from her shower, she was still wearing her bathrobe. She sat down on the sofa, then clipped and filed her toenails most carefully. Then she went to her room and returned with a big round hand mirror. As I typed away, she sat on the edge of the couch, then flipped open the lower half of her robe. She spread her legs, then held the mirror down between her thighs and began to study her bared genitals. After a few moments of close scrutiny, she wondered out loud if a hairless pussy might be fun for a while. I told her that Tim would just freak. She disagreed and suggested that her husband might just be tickled pink with a bald pussy. She swung around and flopped one leg up over the arm of the sofa. Amy lay back down on the cushions and looked over at me. She pulled a little electric shaver out of her pocket, held it out toward me and told me to get over there and shave her crotch. Amy is such a tart but this was going well beyond anything shed done to me before. I ignored her but she kept at me about it. When she pointed out it wouldnt be much different than shaving legs or underarms, I reluctantly agreed. I kneeled down at the end of the couch and ever so carefully nipped away every last hair surrounding her pussy. I felt a little uncomfortable when I had to flip the folds of her labia back and forth so I could shave in closely. I felt a lot more uncomfortable when I noticed how wet and

Super Hot Milfs - Sample Screenshots:

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Super Hot Milfs #1

Super Hot Milfs #2

Super Hot Milfs #3

Super Hot Milfs #4

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dilated her vulva became as I buzzed around it. I felt really uncomfortable when I realized the vibrating sensations of the shaver had also caused Amys clitoris to poke up out of its bald little hood. My shaving her undeniably had aroused her. The second I shut off the shaver, she checked herself out in the mirror. She seemed pleased with what she saw then informed me it was my turn! I told her there was no way, but she threatened to tell the guys that I attacked her, tied her up and shaved her in a fit of insane passion. Amy pushed me back down on the sofa, then sat down backwards on my chest and pulled my nightgown up around my waist. I wiggled and protested, but she was possessed and her busy shaver quickly buzzed over ever nook and cranny of my pubes. As soon as she let me up, I too, examined myself in the mirror, but my skin was all red and raw everywhere shed shaved. When I complained, she told me not to be a baby, got some skin cream, squirted some in her palm and then to my astonishment, smeared it all over my itchy genitals. She asked if Id like to cream her up, but I politely declined. She made a point of massaging cream all over herself, not once, but twice. As if nothing special had just happened, Amy plopped down on the opposite end of the couch and rubbed more skin cream into her arms and legs. I was still shaken by the experience so I tried to find solace by continuing my letter to you. I pulled my up my legs to rest the computer on and nervously began to compose again. Amy continued her preening and I, my typing. She has just finished moisturizing her feet with lots of skin cream and curiously, I feel what seems to be her warm smooth big toe press against my pussy! I feel the slippery toe tickle around, then push into my vulva! It feels so big and alive as it wiggles about inside me! Im trying my best to ignore these incredible sensations by continuing to type. Ive looked up and am glaring at Amy, whos lustfully grinning back. I realize exactly Laura, where these crazy notions are coming from but that smirk on her face is too much to bear. Two can play at this game! Take that Amy! Oh my, my big toe just slid right into her vulva. Are big toes supposed to feel wetness like this? Shes getting so creamy and loose as I wiggle my toe! I can feel my heart pounding up the side of my neck! Damn you! Damn you Laura! PS. Just to make absolutely sure you get this message before Ive cooled down, Im sending it, as well as your stupid story to the Email address we found in your Sympatico information file! Yours Hatefully, Michelle ----------------------------------------------------- After receiving that less than glowing reaction to my diary, I